10 Korean Hip Hop Hits [Jan – Mar Ver]

Looking at the stats, one of the top posts in this blog is the Top 10 Korean Hip Hop Songs [2016] I posted a while back so I decided to do another one. Do check it out if you haven’t.

There are a lot of Korean hip hop songs including underground so it’s tough picking out the best out of the bunch. There may be songs you may have expected to be here and didn’t see here, let me know and I can check it out.

Hulk Hogan – Jay Park

When Jay Park decides to go gangsta and rap, it’s on a whole sexy level. At first, the title confused me because I thought, ‘Hulk Hogan fanboy? Is this a WWE promotional song?’ Turns out, it ain’t. He raps about having made it and being different from other rappers. He also switches things up a bit by naming Meek Mill, Drake and Donald Trump. Apparently, Drake is fake (see what I did there?). I’m not really feeling the chorus but the rap bits are on point and he uses more of English in this song than he usually does. He wants to make sure you get the punchline.

Change – RM, Wale

Rap Monster and Wale teamed up and created this beautiful and progressive track filled with the hope for a better world as it takes on controversial topics like politics and cultural issues mostly in the US. This is not a surprise as BTS is known for not shying away from controversy that matters like youth-related issues such as mental health, bullying and suicide.

Forgive Me (feat. CHANGMO, Don Mills) – Marvel J

Understanding the bars is the last thing on your mind when listening to this track because all you can think about is the fire coming out of your speakers especially when CHANGMO is featured on the track. The main artist here is Marvel J who is the leader of Daenamhyup (Great Southern Joseon Hip-Hop Cooperative), one of South Korea’s most famous hip-hop crews. Famous members include Rap Monster, Iron and Kidoh from Topp Dogg. With these kind of members, nothing can go wrong.

Bomb (feat. San E) – Ravi

As expected from VIXX’s rapper, this track is dope. You can really feel the energy from this song. One thing I hope though is that English should be used a lot less by certain artists in certain tracks. In some cases and in my opinion, it makes the song feel a bit less classy and low quality. It doesn’t change the quality of this particular track but if I could change the two seconds intro, I would. And with San E (the rapper MC) on this beat, you can expect nothing less.

Chillin’ – M.O.L.A.

Is this hip-hop? Or RnB? I don’t know but I added it anyway. There isn’t much to say once you listen to this track. It’s a song that can be played especially during a night drive or when you want to chill as the song suggests.

Nosedive – Dynamic Duo, CHEN

Dynamic Duo and CHEN collaborated and produced this simple but high quality track. It allows you to enjoy to the instrumentals while focusing on the rap verses then allowing you to fall in love with CHEN’s falsetto. In this case, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

You Can Rest (feat. Babylon) – Crucial Star

Before I go on, I want to say that this is one of my top songs in this list. The mix of rnb here is so impactful on this track. This song’s so heartwarming as he talks about wanting to be the perfect son for his mother as he hasn’t in the past years. He also adds that he would one day marry someone like his mother who is warm and kindhearted. Aww.

My fave lines are:

My dear, close your eyes and rest
I’ll brush your tangled hair
I only gave excuses but you can trust me now
I’ll fulfill all your dreams

Bang (feat. Bago, Los & Dumbfounded) – G2

The upcoming rap artist G2 from Hi-Lite records drops one of his best tracks yet. Amongst these featuring artists, you can hold your breath for Dumbfounded’s verse, it’s straight up fire.

Uno – BewhY, Big K.R.I.T

You can always expect big things from BewhY. If he wasn’t on this list then he hasn’t released anything. As expected, this track is on fire as Big K.R.I.T also features on this track and the product of this collaboration is fire, and not just any fire, the hot kind.

Long Time – X.Q

The songs on this list are not arranged in a particular order but this song, this song is just it for me. Once X.Q started singing, I was sold. I don’t know what it is about the song but I just really love it. I might also add it to the RnB list if I make one. This is straight up dope.


**Honourary Mention – Bichael Yackson – BewhY

This would have definitely been on the list but it hasn’t been officially released until mid-April. This track pays tribute to Michael Jackson who BewhY has said on multiple occasions was the most influential figure in his music career which I found to be very unique as MJ wasn’t known to be a rapper but it doesn’t matter as any artist can inspire any artist in any way.

The title of the song came from replacing the first and last letter of MJ’s name with his own, B and Y.

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  1. I think an rnb list is a good idea. 😁

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    1. Love says:

      Thanks for the great input. I’ll surely get to that.


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