Vanishing Time: A Boy Who Returned

This was one of the most brilliant movies – if not the best I have watched in a long while. Every actor, from the child actors to the adult actors did a splendid job. Most movies take time before you’re immersed into it but this, this got me right from the first few minutes.

There are many scenes that did it for me both in a happy and sad way. One was the scene where Seong Min first met Soo Rin and it was love at first sight for Seong Min, at least to me it was. giphyA young boy’s first crush. The way he kept stealing glances at her and not in a not so discreet way got me smiling every time I watched him. Surprisingly, he was in a year above her which was not obvious at all, he looked at least three years younger but girls mature faster at a younger age so that’s cool.

Another scene was a when they could interact with each other in a different language which I found very cute and it also made me very curious to learn the writing as it reminded me of hieroglyphics for some reason. In that scene, at Soo Rin’s house where they tried to interact with ghosts and she read what Seong Min wrote on a piece of paper which prompted her to laugh thus making him bicker.giphy1 I really loved this scene as it showed their relationship in a different way – a relationship between two middle-schoolers, a boy and a girl, no hassle or nervousness, just enjoying the moment. I may be getting a bit carried off, right?

Without spoiling too much, the friendship between these two is so different that even when he becomes an adult, it’s not weird at all. In fact, it becomes heartbreaking because you can feel each person’s emotions. Imagine living in a world where it’s just you and three other friends alive and every other thing both human and objects just stops with time. There’s no gravity, no other life form and time seems to be moving very slowly, if not at all. Seems fun, right? That’s what I thought at first but it ain’t so. Doing the same thing everyday, seeing the same faces everyday, seeing your family and friends stuck in time and also interacting with non-gravity. It’s all useless at the end and it is enough to make you go insane.

Seong Min revealing himself to Soo Rin as an adult as heart wrenching because she was scared of him as expected and he had no one at that time. It’s not like he could walk up to someone and introduce himself as someone everyone believed was dead. Young Seong Min was stuck in a body at least twice his age with no one on his side. The only person he could trust and rely on in his life was Soo Rin. Life was hard.

She later recognized who he was but explaining it to others was the problem. How do you explain that situation to others without them branding him a pedophile or a mad man?

This movie depicts a friendship that is like no other while also showing its hardships. If I were to give this movie an alternative title, it would be: The Bond that We Share or Us Against the World. Ok, maybe I’m overreaching.

This is a well-plotted movie and is one I truly recommend you give a try. 10/10

it’s so good I had to make a gif


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