3 Tearjerker Movie Endings


This list will vary according to the individual. While some may not even be sad to you, they made me tear up and probably the ones that made you tear up, made me laugh. We’re all abnormal in a way anyway.

Please note that the following list may contain spoilers.

  1. 형 (Hyung/My Annoying Brother) – I had no idea I was actually going to shed tears while watching this movie. I thought the saddest thing in the movie was Doo Yeong getting blind but it wasn’t. The scene that did it for me was after he won in Brazil and kept yelling Hyung. I couldn’t hold it in any longer. I found out that the writer of this movie also wrote Miracle in Cell No 7. I’m guessing I won’t be watching that any time soon. I’ve had that movie on hold since it came out because I need to be fully prepared for it.
  2. 71: Into the Fire – I decided to watch this because I’m a fan of TOP and I’m kind of into war movies. A young student was forced into war leaving his mother behind so imagine the confusion going through his mind with the addition of not being ready for war. giphyTOP acting his role was impeccable. We also meet other students who had no other choice but to join the war and watch as they become close and watch out for each other despite having the fear of war and death in mind. At the end, their courage is what made the difference and also what made me cry because it actually happened. Whenever I’m watching a movie and I see ‘Based on a true story.’, I start to feel uneasy like, ‘just what I need.’
  3. Bleak Night – The thing about this movie is that I watched the whole movie like a normal viewer – with a straight face – though the movie touched on sensitive subjects especially among students and also showed the dark side of teenage friendships especially within school. When the ending credits came up, I just started tearing up. I even downloaded the ending song and every time I listen to it, I feel sad. I also found out I wasn’t the only one who cried when the ending credits came rolling up. The protagonist, Gi Tae is also the antagonist. Protagonist because he was the central figure of narrative in the movie. Antagonist because he was a bully and somehow I felt really bad for him throughout the movie.

There are other sad movies some even sadder than the listed ones but aren’t listed. The ones listed came to my mind first. ‘A werewolf boy’ and ‘Pure Love’ is one of them. Kyungsoo knows how to reel the feels in.

BONUS Track ft. Kyungsoo and Jung Suk:

What movie made you cry?

Let’s learn little hangul (Korean) today

이 영화가 날 울렸어 (i yeonghwa-ga nal ullyeoss-eo) – This movie made me cry.

이(pronounced ‘e’) – This – (Can also mean ‘Lee’ in a person’s name or the number ‘2’).

영화(yeonghwa) – Movie

가(ga) – a subject particle for the subject ‘movie’. So you can also remove 이 in the sentence and just use 영화가 날 울렸어 as 가 already identifies the movie which is the subject. Either one is right.

날(nal) – a pronoun meaning I or me. In this case you’re talking about what made you cry. 날 also means ‘month’.

울렸어(ullyeoss-eo) – made something cry (past tense). Note that 울이다 is to make someone cry or to make a ringing sound.


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