Because It’s the First Time Review


I actually finished this series in two days that’s how much love I had for it. Honestly, I have this habit of looking at ratings before watching a drama or movie. If the rating is low (and by low, I mean not an 8 or above), I usually don’t watch it but if it has an actor I like in it then I’d just give the first episode a try. Boy, am I glad I gave this a try. First off, this drama was rated seven point something in mydramalist before I watched it and knowing how serious ratings are taken over there (in some cases), I thought I wouldn’t enjoy this drama but because I’m a fan of Minho, I gave it a shot.

This drama is basically about five close friends who live close together and along the way find love with each other and also realise how fast adulthood is approaching them. Though, there were fights, jealousy and whatnot but you could always sense how tight their bond was. Each character had their own story to tell and you can relate with some or understand why they do what they’re doing.

Without trying to ruin anything, the emotions portrayed in the short series were very refreshing and you notice at the end that time has gone by so fast without ever realising it. Sometimes, you feel like tearing up and other times, you just let it all out because it’s a free world and you can do what you want. But honestly, if you want to watch something refreshing to pass away the time. I highly recommend this drama series.

I loved Minho more after this series because he just proved that he had it in him. You actually forget that you’re watching a drama and just watching five friends try to live their lives. Kim Min Jae also did well as I expected because I know how great of an actor he is (btw, doesn’t he give off a Yeo Jin Goo feel?).

Because It’s the First Time is a high quality drama that I highly recommend especially to those who love youth and romance themed drama.

DramaHack Rating  : 9/10

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  1. kwenzqoatl says:

    I do the same to find new dramas to watch. haha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Love says:

      haha, good to know I’m not alone.


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