Afterthoughts – Goblin Episode 13


You can’t even imagine how relieved I am that this isn’t the last episode. For a split second – and that second turned out to be one of the top three moments of my life so far – for a second, I thought the drama had ended. At the back of my mind, I knew it couldn’t end there + Korean dramas don’t usually end at odd numbers excluding specials but I just couldn’t help feelinsourceg that our precious and lovely writer Kim Eun Sook thought it might be a good idea (and funny) to end it there. To make it worse, when I thought they were about to show the preview, the credits came out of nowhere and I was like ‘…um…what.’  In fact, I was literally Eun Tak in the last scene. I quickly checked how many episodes were left and found out that we had about three to go and a special airing tomorrow (which was a downer, but, oh well). So, yes, I am still fully alive.

This is my first review or anything about Goblin because I didn’t know how I could pour out everything I was feeling without destroying my keyboard so I decided to hold out for a bit but after this episode, I just had to. My thoughts after the episode is as follows:

  • Whoa, that kiss is life. I replayed it so many times because I know even in my dreams, I won’t get to kiss Gong Yoo so why not enjoy it through someone else. 😉
  • How cute were they this episode, huh? Back hugs and pecks all the way.
  • Such tears, much wow! The amount of crying and almost crying in this episode got to me. It was contagious because I also teared up…although that would have been the result of lying down while staring at the screen but the point is, I teared up.
  • Go Eun’s acting this episode was especially jjang. I was just in awe the whole time especially at the end when she was crying. I kept thinking, ‘Did they purposely beat her up or something before filming that scene’ because that is one hell of a scene and tvN better start a best crying scene for their next awards.
  • Dong Wook’s lips! Where do I even start? Is it possible to get cosmetic surgery to have those exact lips? Where do I go? Who do I need to sacrifice? I can’t remember what his scene is about most of the time because my eyes keep going to his lips. They’re so perfect and kissable. And to think he almost didn’t get the role. What would we have done?
  • I don’t think they would have gotten a better actor than Kim Min Jae to play his role. Sometimes when a drama consists of saguk and modern(present) scenes, I always prefer the present and would prefer less scenes from the saguk. But, oh my Min Jae-ya, everything from his gaze to the power in his voice made me forget at times that it wasn’t a drama on its own that it was just a preview to the past. For some weird reason, I keep yelling, ‘eom-yeon-ida.‘ But it’s cool because my family has learned to just ignore whatever I do.
  • Park Joong Won. I’m glad his gone now. He better be gone for good because I’m not ready to see his face anytime soon. Funny thought, you know how his mouth is all purple and inky, I was thinking he was probably chewing on plaque disclosing tablets because that has got to be healthier than having ink in your mouth, right?
  • Bromance Romance. Guys, I’m not even sure which is the primary relationship here. I don’t know anymore. Is it Eun Tak and Kim Shin or is it Woo Bin (currently and regrettably Wang Yeo) and Kim Shin? Like, which one is real? The scene where Dong Wook called Deok-Hwa’s phone and Goblin picked up was so heartbreaking. I know it’s you on the other end of the line and I’m really angry with you for killing me and my sister but I can’t get myself to end the call…I just can’t. Guys, my heart hurts.I need a song that goes perfectly with this scene.
  • I don’t know how they plan on doing it but they better bring Goblin back with all his memories intact. Our precious and lovely writer Kim Eun Sook better not have any other ideas.Oh damn, I just had a thought: You know how there’s supposedly four lives, what if that was Kim Shin’s first life meaning he’s going to have another life. Then he’s born into another family meaning Eun Tak is 20 years older than him so she has to wait another 20 years before they can do anything and I’m just going to shut up now because this isn’t making sense anymore. But if there’s any screenwriter reading this, this ain’t a bad plot, you know.
  • This is a thought I have after each episode: This is a damn good drama. Been a while since I’ve seen one of these (excluding Signal).


Thanks for reading. There’s no episode 14 tomorrow ='( so we’re just going to have to find a way to survive until next week.

Just going to leave this here…tumblr_ojqexko8li1vucdygo1_500

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