Bromance is in the Air | Entourage Episode 5

OK, it’s now obvious how close Eun Gab is to the four friends. Although, he may be all business-like about it but deep down, we know he wants what’s best for them. He’s more like an older brother to all of them (even though Young Bin is the only one who calls him Hyung) and cares about them in his own weird way. From making sure Young Bin is happy with his role (i.e., getting Haneul fired from the job) and going through lengths that no other CEO would just to make sure he’s happy. Also always makes sure he’s doesn’t do anything stupid to harm himself, ‘Actors are emotional…watch over him.’ He also cares about Ho Jin in his own cup noodle way – although it’s not his business, he sometimes and off-handedly makes side comments about his old and dying car. As for my favourite duo, Joon and Turtle, Eun Gab worries about one’s dressing and the other’s looks. He loves them all and I love him for that.

There’s a power struggle between the two CEOs, Eun-Gab doesn’t want to sell the company that they’ve worked hard for while CEO Kang thinks the company is hers and wishes to do as she pleases and I think that’s unfair and wrong. She’s probably thinking that way because it was hers first and she was Eun Gab’s mentor and made him co-CEO therefore, she feels she has more rights than him. The fact that she’s trying to get Young Bin on her side doesn’t sit well with Eun Gab. I like how he gets jealous and curious and takes Young Bin out for a meal and tries to feed him only to realise how cringy he was being. Well, I thought it was cute and hilarious as it’s the same guy who threatens to release pictures of a staff’s ex-girlfriend when he doesn’t do what he wants. He’s also really polite when it comes to his wife. Eun Gab is just an overall cutie.

I also feel there would be a serious falling out between Young Bin and Ho Jin and the main cause would be the manager/friendship line. Young Bin wants Ho Jin to be a good friend and a good manager at the same time which is impossible and Ho Jin lets him know that and tells him to choose one. That is why close friends shouldn’t be managers because it wouldn’t end well just like living in the same house with your friend. There’s bound to be fights.


That’s that, what I want to focus on now is these two guys, Joon and Turtle. I’m always looking forward to their interactions. Their bromance is just on another level. Honestly, this has got to be the best bromance I’ve seen in Korean drama history and I’ve seen a lot. The scene in the tent just sealed it for me (and I knew that no one was going to come). I kept wondering how they expected their guests to go all the way into the mountain. It was basically an obstacle course on its own to get there so I was not surprised when no one showed up. But how they held each other tight when they were scared had me choking for wo reasons: from laughing too hard and from how adorable they were. They fight 24/7 but still stick together and go everywhere together. Joon practises his lines with Turtle no matter how cheesy they are. The other two are already used to it and always laugh over it sometimes they instigate because, who wouldn’t? I just love the both of them. #joonturtle I need couple names for these two. They are made for each other.

Now we know YB has finally confessed his feelings which I’ve been hoping and praying for so we can stop seeing his angsty self all the time. This is like Baek In Ho all over again. I don’t think I’ll be able to handle another one. Let’s hope it’s positive.giphy3

Again, I love the Amber + CEO interactions. Priceless!

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