The Right Choice – Society Game


I prepared a ‘Congrats Oliver on surviving this round’ before watching the fourth episode but I guess I jinxed it. It’s the elections all over again.

I honestly still cannot believe that Oliver is gone. I am a bit disappointed in Sangguk because of how he eliminated Oliver. Oliver had a 90% chance of getting eliminated once he got transferred over but I thought Sangguk would use his brains and keep him especially how well he did in the pull out the floor game as he got eight wrong (Lim Dong-hwan got 15 wrong)which was the lowest out of everyone in Madong.

For Madong to keep winning in order to reach the finals, they need smart people. And for Sangguk to say because he’s the leader and he needs to keep his people (and also stop them from rebelling), he needed to oust Oliver which doesn’t make sense because it’s obvious a rebellion is on its way. Madong’s female members are already planning a coup d’état even though Seohyun is definitely making a huge mistake if she really gives the revolution keys to Sangguk. Sangguk is trying to play good cop – always putting everyone first but some people are starting to get sick of it. The last person who did got eliminated.

In fact, I’m also disappointed in MJ; I thought she was cool, turns out she’s confused (making me also confused) and scary because she didn’t follow the majority vote (which is a thing in Nopdong) and chose Oliver to be switched over then cried over The last person I expected her to be loyal to was Heejun the dictator. Right from the first scene in this episode, I was already having a migraine listening to Heejun dictate to Macho about how he can’t trust Pharaoh anymore and why he wasn’t told about the change in plans (MJ being leader) then he went on about how he can continue being the leader and give himself the prize money which will stop the others from eliminating him because the money would end up with him. Now, I don’t know about you but that is just scary, he’s even worse than I thought and I don’t know how the others are still tolerating him. Although, what he said was smart which I hate to admit but it’s easy to hate him for things like this and the members keep leaving him. Wow, I still can’t believe Oliver lost, and through something silly. I hope Heejun is happy because he’s gotten what he wanted. He wanted Jaehyuk, Oliver and Sahyuk to leave because they weren’t under his spell. There’s one left now. Only time will tell.

Hanbyul is one lucky guy because if he had remained in Madong, he would have been eliminated instead of Oliver (assuming there was no member switch). He’s just going to have to work twice as hard if he wants to remain in Nopdong – and probably roll over for Heejun but that looks like it’s not happening anytime soon.

It’s a sad thing Oliver is gone now because he always added spice to the game by always picking out someone to eliminate and ended up on the wrong side.



If Madong loses, there’s a slightly higher chance of Hael getting eliminated.

If Nopdong loses, there’s a slightly higher chance of Hanbyul getting eliminated.


I’d like to know your thoughts on Oliver’s elimination?



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