Friendship – Entourage Episode 3 & 4 Review

This week’s episodes of Entourage gives a little more glimpse into an actor’s life especially when picking movies or dramas. It also displays tense moments and power battles between companies when considering which actor to pick especially when competing with more popular and experienced actors.

The last two episodes were mainly about Cha-Bin getting picked for ‘War Terminator‘ which he declined in the first place (because imagine Korean Avengers) but changed his mind probably because So-Hee would be in it and finding out the director was the Lee Joon-Ik. Afer regrettably confirming it on radio that he would star in War Terminator, it became unclear whether he would star in the movie or not.

I think Eun-Gab did a good job in trying to secure the role for Cha-Bin especially when he found out he was adamant on playing the role. You don’t really see a CEO of a company running up and down trying to make sure his actor gets picked. I get scheduling meetings and meeting up with the director but working on weekends, leaving church service before it ends (knowing who is wife is), threatening staff to find out information, it just seems more of a manager’s job than a CEO. He even got Ho-Jin to read through so many scripts and pick the best seeing that War Terminator might not come through for them while also keeping Cha-Bin’s feelings in mind. I like how they spent their Sunday together even though we know deep inside that they’d rather not.

Cha-Bin found out the director didn’t think of him as a real actor compared to the other actors being considered for the role and tried to act he was okay when he really wasn’t. It’s funny how Ho-Jin somehow ends up telling him something he wasn’t supposed to even when Eun-Gab drills it in his head not to.

Although it’s not right in your face, you can feel the tight friendship between Cha-Bin and Ho-Jin especially among the four of them. When Ho-Jin isn’t around, Cha-Bin keeps looking for him or when he doesn’t respond to his calls, he knows that something’s wrong. He won’t even be in movie if Ho-Jin doesn’t think it’s good after reading the script and no matter what any other person says, he relies on him the most and if Ho-Jin doesn’t like it, then there’s no point. The others even tease him about it sometimes asking if they’re married. Ho-Jin practically does everything Cha-Bin asks of him even though he strongly disagrees at first. ent03-00563Though everyone had lost hope on War Terminator, Cha-Bin still woke Ho-Jin up in the middle of the night and told him he wanted to meet Lee Joon-Ik. I feel that it’s difficult at times for Ho-Jin to balance out being a manager and a friend for Cha-Bin especially when making difficult decisions. I feel like this will be a main factor if they have a falling out in the future.

Eun-Gab may come off as despicable most times especially to those who work around him but I know he has a good heart. He even went as far as to meet the director who he’s not really fond off to get him to cast Cha-Bin in his movie. And when Cha-Bin later on told him he didn’t want the role anymore, he almost went crazy. I can totally understand Eun-Gab here. He did everything he could only for it to be meaningless at the end. You have to admit that Cha-Bin can be annoying sometimes. Eun-Gab totally got humiliated in public by the director when he got fishy water + eel poured all over his body. Why would a CEO have to go through all this and at the same time, he’s trying to stop the co-CEO from selling the company. Life is hard.

The last scene got me smiling when Eun-Gab ran out of his house in his pyjamas to Cha-Bin’s house to speak to Lee Joon-Ik. It was like a man waiting for news on his wife’s birth after a long period of time. When Cha-Bin announced he got the role though he couldn’t believe it, it was like a festival in the room making even Ho-Jin and Eun-Gab hug. Oh, good times.

I can’t end this without talking about the relationship between Turtle and Cha Joon. As close as Cha Bin and Ho Jin are, these two are more of a married couple than anything else. Always bickering back and forth nonstop about mostly useless things. Kwang-Soo cleans up after Turtle and worries when he’ll get his life on track. Turtle even helps him prepare for his roles no matter how awkward it is. Every little thing Cha Joon does gets noticed by Turtle and almost always receives a negative feedback in a hilarious way. I always look forward to these two as they are the top comic relief providers in the show.




Looking forward to next episode because Kang Ha-Neul (So-Hee’s rumoured boyfriend) is a supporting actor meaning all three are going to be in the same place at one point meaning a fire is about to start.

P.S. I like how Cha Bin uses his fame to help his friends out. #swag. Plus I love Kim Eun Gab + Amber Scene.



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