Top 10 Life Quotes [Popular Dramas Version]


I would say that this year’s dramas left us with some memorable quotes to live with. I picked out ten that left me with something to think about.

Here they are:


Even if the past changes, there are things that don’t change — that the world is unfair.”



It’s easy to help those who are hungry but it’s hard to console those who are heartbroken because they tend to lie that they’re okay.

-Moonlight Drawn by Clouds


The higher up you are, the more you should care about justice.

– Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo


Don’t give up just because you don’t know what to do

– Descendants of the Sun


Some people always end up losing what’s theirs because they were always desiring more

– Cheese in the Trap


Build the world that you believe in. Don’t despair, make excuses or blame others. You’ll win if you don’t stop fighting.

– Uncontrollably Fond


People’s hearts aren’t like a calendar, changing just because time has passed.

– Jealousy Incarnate


A person who takes power needs to have a wide range of experience to have a mature attitude towards having power.

– Doctors


Nothing in life is predictable.

– The Man Living In Our House


People feel the loneliest when you’re with tons of other people, and people feel poorest when you’re around someone who’s rich.

– Age of Youth



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