Cain and Abel Episode 1 Review

I recently watched the pilot of Cain and Abel although it came out 3-4 weeks ago and it left a deep desire of wanting to watch the second episode quickly. The Korean version came out about seven years ago played by Shin Hyun Jun and So Ji Sub and it was a good one. I can’t really say much about the Korean version because I don’t remember finishing the drama (not because it was bad or anything, it was anything but that) and I can’t compare it to the Japanese version because it should be in its fourth episode now because unfortunately, Japan airs once a week.

One thing that is noticeably different from the Korean version is that the older brother is jealous of the younger brother for receiving attention especially from their father while it’s the other way round in the Japanese version.

The older brother, Ryuichi, works as the vice-president in the family company while the younger brother, Yu, works as a regular employee. At first glance, it looks like the Ryuichi cares for Yu like an older brother should. When their dad scolds Yu, he consoles him saying he’ll talk to him and to not let it get to him. But taking a closer look at Ryuichi, it seems that he enjoys getting the attention and seeing his brother getting scolded at. Yes, surprising. It’s depressing because Yu loves his brother as they’ve been close since childhood and honestly, I think Yu could care less if he gets a high position in the company or not. He’s always getting compared to his brother for every little thing. ‘Why can’t you be like Ryuichi?’, ‘You’re lucky your older brother is Ryuichi.’, ‘Don’t embarrass Ryuichi.’ It goes on and the worse part of it all, is that he tries his best only to be scolded by his father.

Yu first meets Azusa at a family party sitting by herself away from the rest and starts a conversation with her only to find out that they’re colleagues and that’s how a one-sided or who knows, a mutual romance starts. Yu was put in a project team in charge of recruiting high-end restaurants for the company’s mall. It was Ryuichi who put him there and I thought, ‘Oh, that’s good. He’s helping his brother out, right?’ Wrong. Yu tried to persuade a woman into selling her property and she was adamant and refused to sell but later found out she signed a contract after he left her. Unsurprisingly, his brother had a hand in it. He asked Ryuichi if he used money to persuade her which he did. Yu was given a big task to accomplish which involved signing a big restaurant to open a branch with the company and no matter how many times Yu went to the restaurant and pleaded with him, he refused. Yu even went as far as building a diorama to show the restaurant owner only to be turned down.ryu

When Yu’s father found out he was in charge of signing one of the restaurants, he stated that he was stubborn and didn’t follow rules but his statement seemed to imply that Yu could get the job done which Ryuichi wasn’t expecting making his facial expression turn sour. Imagine that. So he was evil all this time. Yu finally got the owner to sign a contract with him and this didn’t go well with Ryuichi.

Yu and Azusa worked together as they had similar projects and during this time, I could see hearts in his eyes. But guess what, she’s Ryuichi’s (hidden?) girlfriend so I don’t see how this isn’t going to end up in a bloodbath hence, the title of the series.203648_original

I think the reason the father is being a bit cold towards Yu is because he was probably treated that way by his own father.He always tried to avoid being in the same room as his father and when his sister returned to Japan for her fourth wedding (wow), she was embraced by her father who couldn’t care less if it was her tenth.

I’m guessing he was the one who had to work hard in order to get his father’s love and attention while growing up and didn’t obviously learn anything from that and is doing the same thing to his own son who just wants his father’s love, nothing else.

Really looking forward to how his relationship with Azusa will act out especially when he finds out she’s dating his brother.

P.S. I’m sorry but Yu is not looking bad at all.


I don’t know why the rating for the first episode was low (8.8%, the lowest ratings for a pilot episode of getsu9) and I’ve seen the ratings for the other episodes and I’m not happy about it. I haven’t seen the other episodes but I’ve heard good things making me a bit confused about the ratings.

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