Dictator vs Alliance? – Society Game Episode 3 Review

First off, I’d like to give a small ovation for the MVP of the episode – MJ. giphy1She did well and she deserved the $2000 given to her (although that may just be a trick by dictator Heejun).

I’d also like to give an applaud for Napdong for finally grabbing a win because to be honest, I was starting to have less expectations for them. Or did all the winners from the first round move to Madong?


I’m guessing Oliver realised that his plan wasn’t going anywhere and just decided to call truce (for now because you never know with this guy). Heejun started off by saying the reason he kept Macho was because he was mood maker. A mood maker? In what? He annoyed like almost everyone in the previous episode. So if anger was the mood he was talking about then I guess so. He knew Macho lacked in both physical and mental games but still kept him around. That’s cool.

I like how Oliver is trying to survive on his own after being on the bad side of almost every member in Napdong. He woke up early and started doing every chore available while Heejun stared at him probably thinking, ‘I can’t eliminate him if he keep working hard.’ Can’t blame Oliver because apparently in Napdong, you can get eliminated for the littlest things even though you’re good at games.

And is there really an exchange of information going on between Napdong and Madong? Sahyuk and Sanggook? I get why Napdong was pissed off at this but I don’t think it can cause any great harm at this point. Sahyuk told Sanggook about wanting to start a rebellion which failed and it looked like there was nothing more to it but who knows plus with the upcoming member swap…If you look at the game closely, it’s more of an individual game than a team game so it’s an every man for himself thing. And honestly, if Oliver makes it far into the game, he’s the real winner because with so many people trying to eliminate him, he practically has one leg in and the other out.

I think the highlight of this episode was that game reversal in favour of Napdong. I personally am a Napdong fan and I always want them to win so I have to thank Asol for losing the first game and Hael for losing the second game.Who would have thought Napdong would have the perfect comeback. sourceWith Madong having a serious lead against Napdong, you can say I was really happily surprised by the outcome. I hope they continue to win more games because seriously how can you have MJ in your team and not win? That is what you call a dramatic comeback win.

I can’t not talk about Kim Heejung who is starting to look, talk, behave and sit like a dictator. He talks about Oliver wantimg to split everyone up when he’s just doing the same thing. He told Sahyuk that everyone was starting to lose trust with him because of his alliance with Oliver while he told Oliver that the main problem was Sahyuk. He’s the same person who was complaining about Sahyuk being two-faced. Really? When MJ proposed that she and others take matters into their hands, Heejun declined and said he wanted to do it himself because he was angry. How is that an excuse? He pushes people to vote for him and I will not be surprised if giving MJ $2000 was a tactic. He needs to be taken off before it’s too late.

The irony here is that Napdong is meant to be a democratic setting but is being run by a dictator while Madong is meant to be run by a dictator but instead the members’ opinions are taken into account. It’s very obvious that he wants Oliver gone but they kind of need Oliver in the team so I’m expecting a battle between those two.

What I want is an Oliver/MJ alliance.society-game-episode-2-recap-c


I’m going to keep this short. I disliked the fact that Seolhwa was picking who to eliminate based on who she was more comfortable with. While Sanggook and Asol were making reasonable comments on why a person should be eliminated, she said she had a trauma regarding people, which is why she’s more comfortable with Hael. I don’t know what trauma that was and I feel sorry towards her but you can’t use that as a base to eliminate someone. Just no. It was also funny how she defended Hael saying she did chores when Asol said she never did anything and after that, she whispered to Hael to do the dishes. I mean, really? Let’s not forget that Hael lied to Seolhwa last episode about Sanggook wanting to eliminate all the girls.

Jian also had a problem with Sanggook crying because it was all part of his plan. Ooooh?! “Get a control of yourself. I don’t care if I get eliminated or whatever, I’m going to do whatever it take to make you leader again. It really pisses me off watching Sangook pretend to cry and care about us all, calling us his babies. You know who his real babies are. He’s not a true leader.” Well, she’s eliminated now so, Hesung, seems you’ll have to be leader on your own now.

I don’t have a favourite between those two (Hael and Jian) but I just thought that the eliminations should be fair but then again, it’s meant to be dictator setting. Sanggook’s reason for eliminating Jian was because he thought Hael had more reason to live. Okay. After Jian was eliminated, she made a statement regarding how the people who formed an alliance in the beginning are trying to eliminate the ones who have the ability to win. She’s right on that part but she’s also wrong if she was talking about herself. I wonder how this new 4-alliance in Madong will survive.

This has nothing to do with anything but I find Hanbyul cute especially how he looked when he came out of jail and noticed everyone was doing their own thing and happy when they had lost the game. society-game-episode-3-mmm


Oh and let’s not forget that Kyungryul has been married for three years and loves his wife because that seems to be the main caption of each episode (lol).

pic credit goes to the rightful owners.

I wonder what does hints are. Looking forward to the next.


p.s. I have to admit that I miss this face.

You will be greatly missed for your handsomeness!


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