‘A Happy Ending’ – Scarlet Heart Ryeo

It hasn’t been a secret that most of the people who watched this drama series were left with a bitter feeling and probably thinking, ‘This isn’t the end right?” Apparently, it was as it really stuck to the original series.

Well, some fans seem to think otherwise and decided to take matters into their own hands.

“Seol, why did you get hurt again?” “Father, Mother, this spot hurts.” “Let me see, my dear Seol.”
“I’ll help you take care of mom too.” “Hmm, let me think about what you can help me with.”

Beauty and the Big Boss also made a beautiful family scene that made my heart flutter.

Walking until the water’s edge. I sit and watch as clouds rise up and appear. By chance, I happen upon an aged forest man; we talk and laugh; not returning – for we have time.

Hopefully, this puts the fans to ease a bit. Apparently, Lee Jun Ki posted one of the pictures on his Instagram.

fanart credit goes to the original artists.

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