Seo Kang Joon Leads His Entourage

The long-awaited series is finally here let’s hope it doesn’t disappoint. I am happy to se Seo Kang Joon on-screen once again since Cheese in the Trap (I’m sure he’ll suffer less on this show). I don’t know but somehow I almost always end up talking about Cheese in the Trap on my blog posts.

The show is a remake of HBO’s Entourage which was about a hot young actor (Vincent Chase) in modern-day Hollywood and his entourage.I was really surprised to hear that there would be a remake because I felt it came out of the blue. Knowing how Entourage was, I was a bit concerned on how they were going to it pull it off some scenes. My worries were lessened a bit when I heard tvN (a cable channel) would be airing it meaning some R-rated scenes would be okay on-screen.

Honestly, if you ask me who I thought would be a better Vincent Chase between Im Si Wan and Seo Kang Joon, the answer would be the latter. The character Vincent Chase is meant to be depicted as a playboy of the sort, you know, the typical Hollywood frat boy but not. Although Si Wan is an exceptional actor, I just feel that Kang Joon gives off the Vincent Chase aura than Si Wan would. So, I guess it’s a good thing he declined the drama to focus on other projects.

After watching the first episode which I’ll be reviewing shortly, the characters have been clearly defined so for those who are familiar with the original series, this wouldn’t feel new to you. I also wasn’t an avid fan of the original series because I just couldn’t keep up with seven seasons but I did end up watching the movie. At least I tried.

Seo Kang Joon (Cha Young Bin) plays the role of Vincent Chase

entourage-2     as     220px-vincentchase1

Next up is Lee Kwang Soo. Once you hear that name in a drama or movie, you are 99% sure you would end up laughing as he never fails to do so. So LKS plays the role of Cha Young Bin’s cousin and is also into acting. If you watched the original, you can tell he plays the role of Johnny ‘Drama’ Chase who was Vince’s half-brother and a C-list actor. The idea of LKS being a C-list actor already has me thinking up funny scenes. Fun fact is that he’s a former idol member.

Lee Kwang Soo (Cha Joon) plays the role of Johnny ‘Drama’ Chase

entourage-3   as   entourage1

Park Jung Min who was a cameo in Reply 1988 as Bo Ra’s boyfriend is one of Young Bin’s best friends and manager. He seems to be the only sane one among them trying to keep Young Bin on track personally and professionally.

Park Jung Min(Lee Ho Jin) plays the role of Eric Murphy

entourage-4   as  kevin-connolly-eric-murphy-entourage-season-eight1

Next we have Lee Dong Hwi better known as Dong Ryong from Reply 1988. He is a happy-go-lucky guy who is bright and positive, but has no luck with the ladies. From what I’ve seen, he has no involvement with the entertainment industry like the rest of them.

Lee Dong Hwi (Geo-book/turtle) plays the role of Turtle

entourage-5   as  turtle-512x5121

Finally, we have the one and only Jo Jin Woong better knows as Lee Jae Han from Signal. Honestly, I was a bit surprised to see him in Entourage because I still haven’t come down from my Signal high but that doesn’t change the quality actor that he is. He plays Young-bin’s powerful and well-connected agent who has a bit of a short temper. He is also the CEO of a management company.

Jo Jin Woong (Kim Eun Gab) plays the role of Ari Gold

entourage-1   as   aaeaaqaaaaaaaaigaaaajde4njllyjiwlwizmgetngrmny1imzkylwfmnjg1zjlmmte3mw


The drama started out with what we would expect a series titled Entourage would entail. The A-list pack complete award shows and after parties, groupies, paparazzis, A-list celebrity cameos, high-end apartments and whatnot.

I had read comments on Naver and Nate before watching the first episode and they were not good, most of them at least. Comments like flop, boring, flop, too awkward…etc made me very sad and a bit disappointed because I really anticipated and Seo Kang Joon (I mean if you read this blog, you’d know I’m his mother by now even though we’re about the same age). Either way, I watched the pilot with a heavy heart and I feel like some of the comments were a bit too exaggerated. Yes, they tried to put in a lot in the pilot episode but saying it’s a flop it hasn’t begun is too much. The amount of times I’ve started a drama and dropped it after two episodes and later regretted it is a lot.

I get that they want to keep the audience strapped to their seats but I feel a lot of things were happening at once. As funny as the naked scene in the public bathroom was, I was also very confused. They also tried to use sexual innuendos and all but I feel like they didn’t quite hit it on the spot. They tried to copy a lot of things just in the first episode and it didn’t really work out as planned. I know that it’s a remake but the Korean version has to have its own distinct thing otherwise it’s really going to flop and I definitely don’t want that. The Good Wife was a remake and it was done well so I just hope this follows.

The random throw-ins of some random celebrities to cameo in random scenes(Produce 101 girl) made me very confused. Here I am trying to understand what happened in a previous scene then the current scene brings in something random so my mind is all over the place.

I totally get what they’re getting at but they need to avoid packing in a lot of content at once. Once this is fixed, I assure you that it’ll end up having more soul than the original. I can feel some mad angsty bromance coming our way  between Cha Young Bin and Lee Ho Jin. Fingers crossed and I’m pretty sure everyone’s looking forward to this too.

Some cameos I look forward to are: Song Ji Hyo, Ji Suk Jin (I really want to know what he’s going to do), Park Ha Neul, Jin Goo, Dok2, Simon D and many more. Plus I think I saw a hot looking Amber in the preview for episode 2.


What did you think of the pilot?


picture credit goes to the original and rightful owners

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