Top 3 Romantic Korean Dramas [2016]


I thought I’d start a Top 3 category on this blog as something to add to the blogging.

We’re getting to the end of the year and the KDrama world has graced us with a lot of dramas in various genres. I’ll start of with the most popular genre which is romance and there have been a lot just this year alone with some being just too good and some being just okay while a few of them, I couldn’t get past the pilot.

It wasn’t easy at all selecting just three but that’s the fun part. Of course this will vary across individuals and some may not agree but let the games begin!


  • Age of Youth – I’m still watching this drama but I fell in love right from the start. For reason, I had a different idea on the drama which is why I didn’t watch it when it was released but I’m glad I gave it a try. Each girl has their own unique personalities and while watching, it didn’t feel like a drama, it felt more like a reality show (the good kind). It was easy to relate to some characteristics of the girls and through that, it becomes more and more enjoyable. It makes you feel like the fifth housemate while watching. I really recommend especially if you’re into the slice-of-life genre.
  • Jealousy Incarnate – I know that this hasn’t ended yet but if you watch this show, you’d know what I’m talking about. It’s the best of two genres: comedy and romance. Jo Jung Suk is the best actor for a romantic comedy and that’s it. He completes everything from his facial expression to his body language. Fun show.
  • Beautiful Mind – Another beautiful show. The acting was on point and the plot was exceptional. When I read the plot beforehand, I didn’t think they’d pull it off as much as they did. Everything from the plot to the actors was exceptional.
  • Love in the Moonlight – Firstly, I thought this was your typical gender-bender movie and I hesitated a bit but I wanted to see how Bogum looked in a Hanbok so I gave it a shot and found myself watching six episodes. Honestly, I didn’t think really like but something made me really like it and I’m not sure what it was but I’m glad I watched it.
  • Something About 1% – I really hesitated before adding this on the list because it’s just halfway through the series and a few scenes are confusing plus it’s not your normal hour long episode. It’s about half of that. But since this is a romance category, I feel like this should be included because for me, the male lead is just too much to handle and by that, I mean romantic.

  • Another Miss Oh – Actually, I haven’t even watched this yet. I’ve seen very few clips so I can’t really judge but from some clips and word of mouth, it really seems like a good romance show especially with this. tumblr_inline_o83ttqa95y1u511vp_500
  • Go Ho Starry Night – Currently watching and I must say it’s worth it. It’s short and has amazing chemistry between the characters.


  • Beautiful Mind
  • Love in the Moonlight
  • Jealousy Incarnate

Really hard to pick three because honestly, they are all winners.

I know most of the series listed arent’t popular opinions. I’m pretty sure W, Descendants of the Sun, Uncontrollably Fond, Moon Lovers and some others were to be expected. They were good dramas but I felt some could have done better especially with the hype and actors in it. For example, I loved watching W and Uncontrollably Fond but at some point in the series, it didn’t seem that wow anymore. I mean I always looked forward to the next episodes but I just found myself watching something else. Doctors would have definitely been on the list if it had just kept the pace it had from the beginning but like most other dramas, somewhere along the line…I’m not sure what happened.

Lucky Romance should be up there. Why didn’t I add it. Should I? I probably should. Lucky Romance is a cute show and I found myself smiling every time. If you haven’t watched this, I have to tell you that the first two episodes may put you off but chill for about four episodes and you’ll enjoy it. I assure you.

As for Descendants of the Sun, I think I looked forward to this drama more than anything else but from the first episode, I think I curled my fingers throughout the whole episode. Why was everything so cheesy? I couldn’t get it. Yes, the romance was great if you could see past the cheese. I’m not saying it should be a serious drama but the cheesiness was too much for me.


There are other ongoing series I would love to add but some haven’t reached the fifth episode or haven’t even begun. Series like ‘A Stranger in my House’, ‘Goblin’ and ‘The Legend of the Blue Sea’ have potential from the plots. Seems like the fantasy genre will be the rave in 2017.

I haven’t watched all the romance dramas so I can’t pick the best out of all. This is based on my own judgement but if you think otherwise, I’d like to know the reasons. Maybe I can be coerced to watch some.

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