Society Game Review – Jaehyuk vs Macho

I’ve just finished watching the second episode of SG and I’m honestly a bit pissed. With who? Kim Hee-Jun. To be honest, his reason for eliminating Jae-Hyuk was a bit off for me because we all know the real reason he did that. Funny thing was that before he called out who he was going to eliminate, I was 80% sure it was Oliver and 7% sure it was going to be Jaehyuk and for a second, I thought it was Macho. I kind of didn’t mind Jaehyuk because I rarely saw his face and when I did, he was either sleeping or spacing out but when Hee-Jun said it was because he never contributed and was sleeping when they were practicing for the ’round table of suffering’, something clicked in me. If he was going to eliminate based off of that then shouldn’t Macho be the one leaving? He practiced with them and even said ‘it was too easy’ and failed like 10 of the very easy questions while Jae-Hyuk failed two at the most. The Jae-Hyuk who was sleeping during the practice. It would have been a very different story if Jaehyuk was the one who got most questions wrong then everything would have made sense. And Macho also got the most votes so if that’s not a discerning factor, I wonder what is. I’m guessing most of the other Nopdong members would be questioning themselves because if things go on like this, anyone could be let go.

I know I’m ranting but look at this: If Macho didn’t get those questions wrong, there would be a higher possibility that Nopdong would have won that round because they’d have like four 5kg bags instead of the 12 they had (I’m not sure if it was 12 but it was originally 80kg and I think they ended up with 135kg). So basically, Macho is 95% of the reason they failed that game. And to top up my annoyance level, the questions were easy and by easy, I mean 1 + 1 and he kept saying he wasn’t the only one at fault. Yes, he was the main reason.


Oliver. That name makes a lot of people red in the face but I kind of hate to admit it, I actually like him. He makes the show fun and tense and he’s also sly in the ‘I have to survive this world somehow’ way. I think they kind of need him to make the show somewhat fun and also when Nopdong has screen time, it focuses on him and his plans 90% of the time. He’s hard to like but somehow I liked him from Day 1. I just hope he lasts till the end of the show.

Nopdong may have started off on the wrong foot as they’ve had to eliminate two of their members. Speaking of elimination, Nopdong seems to be having problems picking the right person to leave. Last time, it was Tae-Jin who was eliminated because she didn’t do anything during the game even though she practised really hard before the game and it wasn’t her fault that she didn’t get to play. She got the most votes and was eliminated but this is the direct opposite to Jaehyuk’s elimination. He didn’t practice before the game and performed well during the game and didn’t get the most votes but still got eliminated because Heejun is trying to take down Oliver. So, I guess everyone has to be walking on eggshells in Nopdong because nobody’s safe. That should be their motto. Nopdong: Nobody’s safe. I really hope Macho betrays Heejun. It’s an evil thought but I’m sure the PD wouldn’t mind.

Things seem to be going well for Madong but I hope there’s a twist and I’m really looking forward to seeing how Sangook eliminates his members or who he eliminates because someone is definitely going to go.

I look forward to future episodes.

Can’t forget my woman crush MJ. She’s lit.

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  1. sekar sonia says:

    I like Kim Heejun T.T. I actually think that Jaehyuk deserve it. But I think the real reason of Heejun eliminated Jaehyuk make me kinda sad. It’s okay if the reason because Jaehyuk looks like doesn’t have any motivation at all to do the survival. I also think like that. Jaehyuk is just like a ‘yes man’ to Oliver But when I knew the real reason, I’m kinda sad… Because Macho is actually did so much wrong in the game.. but he save him just because Macho promise that he will keep on supporting him. And about Oliver, at first I think he is annoying, but in the end I thought “Ah, it’s just his role. If there’s no one like him it would be bored”
    But, now I’m sad… because I like Heejun, but he’s partly wrong T.T

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    1. Love says:

      Yes, I agree. He shouldn’t have eliminated Jaehyuk because of Oliver. It’s not fair at all and I think he’s going to regret it.


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