Overused (Kdrama Version)

There are so many times when I look forward to a drama involving actors that I love only to be disappointed when I read the plot. “When are you guys going to stop recycling the same thing over and over again.” I know how it will end because five other recent dramas have used it and it ended similarly. Sometimes, I go ahead and watch it because well, if he’s hot, he has to be looked at. Not everyone watches a drama for the plot, right? Sad but true.

I’ll be listing some overused plots and scenes that we’re very used to and I’m sure you already know the ones that are definitely going to be listed.

  1. Rich guy /Chaebol (arrogant), Poor girl/half poor, half average(not full average) – This. This has got to be the most used plot in the history of Korean dramas. If they’re both rich, it somehow can’t work. If they’re both poor, it definitely won’t work and if they’re both average, well, no because where’s the fun in that. Also notice how he has to an arrogant prick at first because where’s the spice if he’s nice at first. I can’t count the dramas that have used this particular plot but I’ll list what I can.
    1. Goong – Guy was a prince and arrogant. Girl was just a normal high school girl that got into this mess because of a debt. Came out in ’06 and was one of the first Korean dramas I watched then and I remember liking it so much because this rarely happens in western dramas. It was so much fun and I couldn’t wait to watch the next episodes. Little did I know it was the beginning of a non-ending cycle.
    2. Secret Garden – Guy was a CEO and arrogant. Girl was a poor stunt woman who stood up to him yet somehow, they fell in love.
    3. Flower Boy Ramyun Shop – Guy was an arrogant chaebol. Girl was a noona who just wanted to be a high school teacher but somehow, they fell in love. While on this drama, we can’t forget this scene: tumblr_ndlrpsvsgp1r5c02zo1_400 I can’t forget it because this was when Kdrama kisses were pissing me off. They just slam their lips together while staring at each other so this was an eye opener for me.
    4. Rooftop Prince– Rich guy/Crown Prince. Unsuspecting girl. Been a while since I watched it but I don’t think he was arrogant from what I remember.
    5. Boys Over Flowers – First off, I can’t explain why this isn’t at the top of this list because I watched the Japanese version around the same time I was watching Goong and there was a scene that just caught me off guard.hyd_partykiss She tripped and somehow he landed on her lips. I remember being confused for the whole episode like, ‘how does this happen?’ But nevertheless, I watched the life out it and I do not regret it one bit. So when the Korean version came out like two years later, I also watched the hell out of it but as you know, nothing beats the original. Very arrogant guy. Poor girl. Goo Jun Pyo was just the worst. The absolute worst yet somehow they fell in love and got married.
    6. Cheese in the Trap – Odd rich guy. Poor girl. I blogged the life out of this show while watching it because I couldn’t just sit still while watching it. Guy was weird throughout but somehow they fell in love.

OK, so you get the drift, I could go on and on…Master’s Sun, Love in the Moonlight (Bogum<3), Fated to Love You…etc. But the thing is no matter how tired I get, somehow I end up watching it depending on who’s in it. Expect some Rich guy/Poor Girl drama soon.

2. Two Guys and a Girl aka Second Lead Syndrome- So this may be a continuation from the first one. The arrogant rich guy and his nice rich friend or a different nice guy who is nice to the girl from the start but somehow they just can’t end up together because he’s not the male lead. And you can’t win if you’re the second lead, this is a Korean drama, it’s practically a taboo. This was actually one of the main reasons for my incessant blogging of Cheese in the Trap because come on there was Baek In Ho for crying out loud. I’ve never had such a second male syndrome like I had for CITT. My heart still goes out to him. So back to what I was saying, A LOT of Kdramas have this issue:

  1. Cheese in the Trap – You already know. tumblr_o2owjkaqbq1uezol6o1_400 T_T
  2. Reply 1988 – Need I say more. One question. Why? Just why? Although…(Bogum<3)
  3. Kill Me, Heal Me – Although they are played by the second actor, I just preferred Shin Se Gi to Do Hyun. He was just too badass.
  4. The Heirs – I didn’t finish the drama because it was obvious but damn, Woo Bin. Anytime I watched his parts, I just fell in love and sorry for him because I knew that whatever he did, it was like pouring water on stone. No point.
  5. Boys Over Flowers – This is the second time it’s being listed. Well most of us wanted Jun Pyo to win and we knew he’s win but I couldn’t help feeling a bit sorry for Ji Hoo because again, he was wasting his time and I just found him too, what’s the word? Like anytime he spoke to her, I’d be like, ‘Just…stop, please.’

Yeah so there are so many others: She Was Pretty (Choi Si Won really did a number on me in that drama, he deserves to be the third on this list), You’re Beautiful, Reply 1994, Sungkyunkwan Scandal (although I liked Yoo Ah In and Joong Ki together)

To be continued, trying to keep it short and simple.

Thought of the Day: Why do the ‘poor’ girls in the chaebol dramas always have the latest phones? They find it hard to pay rent but no problem using the latest Samsung.

fullsizephoto216597 heirs5-00009 cheese9-00477

picture credits go to the rightful owners.

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