Doctors Review Chats

What’s up with doctor shows in K-Land these days?

Okay, so far, I’m really enjoying the drama and how fast paced it’s moving. By that, I mean fast paced in a good way. There were parts were things were just dealt with right there and then unlike other Korean dramas were we have to wait for like a hundred years before anything happened. I thought it would take us more time for Hye Jung and Seo Woo to meet face to face but alas, I was fortunately wrong.

First of all, I didn’t watch the trailers and wasn’t exactly sure what the drama was about. I remember seeing some of the cast promoting on running man which made me a bit eager to know what the drama was about because I love Lee Sung Kyung even though I wanted to murder her in Cheese in the Trap (thank God that’s done with). I had no idea Kim Rae Won was in it so you can imagine my happiness when I saw him and then you can also imagine my face when I realised what I was watching. I was happy and a bit cautious when watching this because I’ve been through this sort of thing in Japanese dramas. giphy Good to know he didn’t act on it while she was still in high school though I couldn’t help curling my fingers during some scenes, i.e, the biology room scene. I kept hoping nothing would happen and the sick part of me was like, she’s 18 though so… And of course Sung Kyung’s character just had to be one of those ones that would frustrate me. Just had to be one of those.

Okay, so fast forward to the grown up part which I’m more than thankful for didn’t take six episodes to show because I know dramas like that. You’d think they forgot about the main actors. So, obviously she had to work in Seo Woo’s father’s hospital and the same hospital as her high school teacher who she secretly fell for and who secretly fell for her back. All this had to happen otherwise it wouldn’t be a Korean drama, would it.

I’m just going to say that during the scene where Ji Hong landed at the hospital in a helicopter and he asked if she was married or had a boyfriend prompting her to say no to which he nodded his head. That scene killed me. He was so direct that I felt like I was missing an episode or two. “That’s good enough.” I was speechless and in awe. He just became hotter. And oh, poor Yoon Do, we all kind of know his fate but I’m looking to see how their relationship would be and how jealous Ji Hong would be because we need that as an ingredient to making Korean dramas.

Poor Ji Soo, I honestly forgot about him while watching episode three until Ji Hong mentioned the motorcycle scene. I actually don’t really know him, just saw him in One Way Trip and even in that, he died early so I can’t really discuss his acting. He is handsome though.

Don’t we all wish we had a friend like Soon Hee. I mean, she went to jail for her friend. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is. She’d practically do anything for Hye Jung.

Let’s not forget this guy and his doctor crushtumblr_o9iyekcvmo1r5c02zo1_400<-Irrational Obsession

In regards to Hye Jung’s grandma, I smell something very fishy especially since her documents are highly classified. She wasn’t a VIP so what’s the deal? We’ll find out, won’t we?

The ending scene of the fourth episode was not fair. You can’t just stop there and expect me to wait another damn week. I really like how fast he is in approaching Hye Jung as if they’ve been friends for a long time. Got her number ASAP and met her while she was training. He’s not hesitant and I like it.

Honestly, sometimes I forget she’s not in high school because 13 years later, they all still look the same just not in school uniforms. And hurray because the female main lead is rich and can buy expensive stuff and luxury cars which is something lacking in most K-Dramas. Let’s not forget the fact she can beat up a whole town in a second.


Looking forward to future episodes.

*gifs do not belong to me.

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