SMTM5 – It’s finally here and so am I


OK, so I’m going to keep this short and simple. Show Me the Money is back and I am excited mainly because of the drama ahead. We know there’s going to be drama whether we like it or not so buckle up. OK…the judges, who am I excited about? Well, for one, GRAY and his whole self has graced my screen and I couldn’t have asked for anything better. I remember back in one of my SMTM posts, I hoped for him to come…and voila, here he is and he’s paired with Simon Dominic who as we know said and I quote, ‘[SMTM] is a waste of time.’ He even wrote a song dissing the show, I’m not even a bit surprised he’s on the show because I kind of expected it but I still like him nonetheless. So yeah, I’m looking forward to this team mostly because of bae though, Simon’s cool but bae. I just remembered Simon and his advice moments, that was funny because EVERYONE then wanted advice. It made me remember Sean from last season.

tumblr_o7hjet9tff1r20fzqo2_400 <— <333

Dok2 and The Quiett make a reeappearance on the show and for some reason, I really like The Quiett. He has this odd humor aura that I just can’t explain so I’m looking forward to some weird antics. He’s so timid unlike his appearance which I find funny and cute for some reason. He also makes good beats too and that’s not up for debate. #teamillionaire. There isn’t anything I want to add for this team at this time but yeah, looking forward to future episodes.


Gill & Mad Clown have got to be the most awkward pair ever. At first, I thought Mad Clown was acting awkward on purpose then I remembered this wasn’t the first show I had seen him in and he was also awkward in those shows, even his facial expression, i.e. resting face is awkward. He must be living a hard life. So one of the reasons I was looking forward to this show was Jung Junha, like I just knew I would burst by just looking at him even when he was trying to be serious. His rap was surprisingly really good and the lyrics were on point. I want to see the kind of rappers they recruit.

Finally, Kush and Zion. T is one team I am excited about because Zion. T and Kush. I get that Kush is not that popular and I don’t know him that well. I know him from songs he’s written for GD and he also sang with GD (She’s Gone). I really rocked that song when it was released. I also found it awesome that his name was Kush which is another term for weed which is equal to taboo in Korea. I like that in a guy. I don’t know what the hell that meant but I love this team and it’s a tie with Gray’s team. And OMG, I really wanted to hurt that rude guy that was judged by Zion. T like what the hell man? It was cool at first but it became annoyingly shocking. Like I could see Zion. T was holding it in and I applaud him for that. It takes skill to leave that dude unhurt. I’m not agressive ot anything (I’m actually very peaceful in fact) BUT that guy…ugh, you’ve lost already, just go.

tumblr_o7uuu4wgca1v85k0do2_400 <– ugh

The contestants, ah, before I go further, if you’ve read my previous SMTM4 posts, you’d know that I am a hardcore Seo Chul Goo fan and that I almost flew to Korea when he lost that Cipher mission. I was not even expecting to see him but when I did, I cried…tears of everything. He better be in the finals, he better be, Mnet name your price. I have mixed feelings about One being on the show because YG. I love YG and all but they have this FIFA board members feel to it, i.e, dodgy. Although everyone that comes in from YG is always top notch in rapping, e.g Bobby and Mino and no one can even hate because it’s the truth. But I just feel if another YG person is here, they just have to get to the finals and the problem is that One is so good at rapping that I can’t even say anything.

I remember when Bobby came and said to remove the YG tag and won then Mino said the same thing and won and now One has said the same thing. You know what I think? I think the statement, ‘I’m here to remove the YG tag.’ is a spell because think of it, every person who said it won. Food for thought guys. We have to get to the bottom of this. giphy

Some past contestants are back and I’m really excited to see them perform. I did promise this post was going to be short and simple and I’m not sure I kept that promise. I’ll have to stop for now because if I don’t, I…might never stop typing. For the record, I hope there’s another Black Nut in this season. I may get hate for that but I just need some Black Nut drama on this show, that guy was bat shyt cray. See, I can’t stop myself.

And OMG this -> tumblr_o75y70x1sg1ttga6ro1_250 I was literally like ‘Oh….’ He literally cursed Dok2. Now, that’s what I’m talking about…drama!!!

P.S. I wanted Beenzino to be a judge because, well, I..I like looking at his face. I do have Gray but…Oh, and I also wanted Crush because I actually have a crush on him, I’m not even trying to use word play here…or am I? Somebody stop me! I’ll go now.

BTW, Timbaland in the building. Who’s excited?

*Image credit goes to its rightful owners.

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