The Cheese Has been Trapped

Well, we’re getting to the end of this series and I must say, this is one of the very few Korean dramas that I’ve watched religiously and more than 8 episodes at that. I’d like to also note that In Ho has been more of a main male lead than a second one because in recent episodes I seem to forget that Yoo Jung exists but that’s not a bad thing because I love In Ho.

So In Ho has revealed his feelings to Seol and my heart has broken once again because how sad can he get? We all know she will never return his feelings and he also knows that too and so he asks her to act like nothing ever happened and continue being normal. I really love those little moments he just stares at her (not the way Jung stares), he stares in a way that makes your heart melt and just feel for him. He holds everything in and just goes on with life like he’s not suffering on the inside. I also love the scenes he actually takes care of In Ha even though she pisses him the hell off. Like at the end of the day, we’re still family and I love you.

Jung’s father really pissed me off when In Ho came to ask him to lend him some money. What does he know about In Ho? He just goes off blabbing his mouth about something he knows nothing and it didn’t help one bit when In Ho kind of choked up. Like, really Mr Yoo?

giphy10 Also, as much as I like In Ha now, I think she could do with a little cooling off at the moment because her brother is going through serious times and could really do with her not stealing his money and using them on stupid things. She wants a lot of things but doesn’t want to lift a finger and that really annoys me because while her brother is doing all he can especially if he hates it to earn money and not ask Yoo Jung and his father for money to save him face, she goes ahead and does the opposite. I always forget that she’s older than him, I don’t recall her ever doing anything for the benefit of In Ho.

Now, to the main part of this blog. Yoo Jung and Seol. Seol and Jung have actually managed to annoy me a bit in the previous episode. I can’t seem to wrap my head around that Sang Chul incident but before I go on, am I the only one who noticed that Seol fell before he could even lay a hand on her (Sang Chul was wrong for raising his hand but the way she fell…) but that’s by the way, Jung reacted in such a drastic way and I’m not saying that because I’m shocked but because Seol thinks it’s okay because she understands him. No, I don’t think she does. Seol has been brainwashed to think what he does is okay (hence my funky title). To give a simpler example to what Jung did, it’s like someone spilling coffee on you and you burning their house down in return. Jung simply overreacted and it was uncalled for and Seol saying that it’s okay is also not cool. He ruined someone else’s chance of starting a future just because he had an argument with Seol. Wow, I wonder what he would have done if he actually did hit Seol. In Ho’s reaction to everyone who hurts Seol is to get into a fight with them and also getting hurt in the process which is a very typical reaction but you know Jung has his reasons, right? giphy11

I think I’ve said all I wanted to say, honestly, I just needed to get that Seol and Jung incident off my chest. It’s been a fun series, really and it’s really kept me on my edge and interested which is a very rare thing in Korean dramas these days. By the way, what’s with these director cutting Hae Jin’s scenes? I get why he’s annoyed because really, if you look closer the alternate title of these drama series should be, Baek In Ho’s trials and tribulations. And then they decide to give us a special to cover it up…giphy12 Also, the writer is having problems with the original author of the webtoon, why can’t these things end in peace?

And OMG, finally Bora and Eun-Taek, I almost started a petition on that shyt. Everytime, I saw the both of them, it was like you two should just get to it so I can concentrate on other things, man. Now, they have and the world is somewhat at peace. So guys, this is the final week. T_T.


P.S. Totally unrelated but I’m not really enjoying Descendants of the Sun, I watched episode 1 and enjoyed looking at hot candies all over my screen but the plot is a bit…200 and as for the Rain drama, I was super confused at some points probably because I was skipping (I doubt it though)…is it any good?

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  1. AniKa says:

    I’ve been wondering as well.. Why are they doing that? I am not complaining about it, but if In Ho is not the main lead, they’ve been concentrating too much on him. That character has become one of my favourite male characters of all time. It reminds me of the way I felt when watching Beak Dong Su. I only remember Yeo Un, the assassin with a tender soul and almost female beauty, nobody else. This is what happened to me with this series too. I am totally not happy with the main male lead. He is cold and manipulative as a snake. I tried to be fair and put it on my weakness for hansome males as In Ho. But now the content of his story crashed me too. The way the things he loves and disires are refused to him by the Fate … Oh! I can relate so much! The piano… the girl he loves… The way he looks at them pains me. Another series that broke my heart. I knew they would from the beginning’!

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  2. Love says:

    Exactly, although it’s good we got to see what he really felt because most korean dramas focus less on the second lead so we the viewers don’t care that much about them or know anything at all. It’s a good series all in all. =)

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  3. AniKa says:

    Yes, that’s why I’m saying I don’t complain at all:). I have a feeling that the director and the author focus on him because there is a great interest. I t is a possibility.

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