“It’s Cold” – Cheese in the Trap 11-12

Finally, we get the answer to the question we’ve been asking, “What’s Jung’s deal, man?” Well, his deal is that he doesn’t like people coveting his things, people keeping tabs on him because they think he can’t cope alone and he hates the fact that In Ho said stuff behind his back. It ain’t just one thing he’s angry at but I think his father may have started this war then In Ho then every other thing follows. I like that he has revealed himself to Seol now I’m assured he really likes her not like before when I thought he was up to something. As for Baek In Ho, ugh, why doesn’t it have to be like this? I really feel for this dude, you know. And this isn’t those series were out of the usual two guys who like the girl, one is annoying and definitely gets the girl while the other is a nice, sane guy and doesn’t get the girl. Jung really likes her and is not a jerk to her, well, not now at least so the least I can do is just put on a sad face when I see In Ho. Like, I really want to help but I don’t know how. giphy7 <– i really don’t know what to do, In Ho. T_T

Now, I need to say something regarding In Ho’s case. What I think about the Jung-In Ho thing is that I don’t think In Ho said what he said because he didn’t want Jung to hear or something, Jung happened to be absent. I mean, I may be wrong but knowing In Ho’s personality, he would say it if Jung was there too but not in that way just indirectly. I get why Jung is mad but not to that extent, probably everything just added up and riled him up. As for that idiot student piano player that is the main reason behind In Ho’s hand, he deserves to burn. I think the fight In Ho and Jung had cooled things down a bit, just a bit. Because they aren’t really enemies, they’re just friends having a bad time, that is all. If they really hated each other, there wouldn’t even stand being next to each other when In Ho keeps blaming Jung for his hand, Jung just scoffs, “You’re still blaming me for that?” So they’re just in a bad stage in their lives and they’ll have to get over it sooner or later. There’s a quote that says, “You fight with the most important people in your life because those relationships are worth fighting for.” Talking about fighting, I need to know why Jung did a lot of things in high school.

  • I get that he was mad at In Ho but it takes a very wicked person to turn a blind eye to seeing his friend in a very dangerous fight. I mean, I kind of get why his dad needed someone to watch him. There’s a big war going on his heart which is black by the way. Even if they weren’t friends, c’mon man. I feel like he planned that shyt knowing that scrawny guy would blame In Ho for ratting them out.
  • He needs to let some things out instead of letting them stack up and turning into a monster. If he had said, “Oh, I don’t like this.” or “Why did you say this?”, a lot of things would have been avoided. Okay, he likes to keep everything locked inside, fine. But don’t go planning very evil things because you’re mad at someone.
  • Also, where’s his mother? Does that have anything to do with why someone needs to watch over Jung?

There’s one thing that confused me. Jung invited that student to the “party” knowing he wasn’t going and also had the intention on calling the police on them. If In Ho hadn’t come then, would they have still blamed In Ho because I don’t think Jung knew In Ho was going to run into them except somehow he planned it which just leaves me in shock. He goes through so much length to execute an evil scheme. giphy8<– elmo === Jung

In Ho has admitted to liking Seol to Jung which wouldn’t improve their relationship at all because one of the reasons Jung doesn’t like In Ho is because In Ho takes things that aren’t his apparently. So now Jung would think he’s trying to take Seol away from him which is probably why he went running to Seol and telling her everything about him. I like Jung but I think he goes about some things the wrong way. I like the way the drama showed how he naturally fell for Seol and tried to hide it because she has a boyfriend who happened to be Yoo Jung who happens to like her very much meaning there’s not much he can do about it but stare on and watch while our hearts break.

I can write a very long blog post about Oh Young Gon and reasons why he shouldn’t be alive but that would be a waste of everything. One thing is certain, he needs to be taken to a ward and not the hospital kind. He exhibits a very, very dangerous vibe just by being near him. I can’t even begin to explain how crazy he is. Why the hell won’t he give up and leave Seol alone? Does Jung need to send people on him before he gets his mind straight. Damn. Everytime I see him, I get on edge thinking, “What’s this freak going to do now?” It’s so bad that Bora and Eun-Taek have to be by Seol all the time in case weirdo decides to strike again. Like, stop! The only time I agreed with him was when he wrote that post about his seniors, Sang Chul to be precise. That guy needs to get a life and stop mooching off students; it gets annoying.

Bora, on the other hand should take a hint and date Eun-Taek because we all know that if he shows interest in someone else, she’s not going to like it so she better tap that. And Eun-Taek needs to man up and say what’s on his mind rather than beating around the bush and being her lackey, as they put it.

As for In Ha, let’s say I’ve gotten used to her and just laugh now. She may still be delusional and think that somewhere, somehow Jung will date her but I’m sure deep inside, she knows it’s game over. I give her props to knowing how to survive without doing anything at all. Be Jung’s eye when he’s not around and then take his credit card for a job well done. Can’t blame her, working is annoying. Sometimes, I forget that she’s older than In Ho who still deals with her even when he just wants to beat her up. Well, that’s what family is all about. giphy9 I really hope she gets back to her art. She seemed happier then.

We have about four episodes left so let’s get ready to say our goodbyes. I don’t wanna…T_T It has been a fun show, really. See ya!

P.S. That bed scene was glorious. I was not disappointed. tumblr_o2p4hqts8h1tz0zdfo5_500




My second lead syndrome is hitting me hard!

Credits go to the rightful owner of the images used in this post.

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  1. AniKa says:

    I coldn’t like Jun at all. I totally understand him but… I’ve even felt exactly like him, hiding my real feelings and feeling lonely. He is a very sensitive person, very fragile… But acting evil because he felt hurt, that I’ve never done and I don’t like it. It doen’t make it right! I just like In Ho much more even with his stupid and insensitive remarks about Jun. He is so adorable in his one-side love! That author really creatad a lovely character!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Love says:

      Exactly. I think he went too far in dealing with things and I don’t think what In Ho said was that bad for him to go all the way. Good to know I’m not alone. =) And yes, the author did a wonderful job in the characters.

      Liked by 1 person

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