Timeline of Seol & Jung’s Interactions II

  • After the blind date mishap between Jung and Seol, he becomes cold towards her as she’s just like everyone else. She apologizes as she feels bad thinking he was angry because she set it up without his permission but he acts indifferent towards her as if nothing ever happened and Seol felt that his attitude resembles the one he had the previous year.
  • Seol ends up in a bar with Sang Chul and others with the intent of scolding him for not doing his part of the group work. She was pressured into gulping down beer with the hopes that Sang Chul would get his work down while being checked out by another student who had a reputation for drugging girls and sleeping with them. Jung finds out about this when he called Do Hyun and heard Seol’s voice in the background and tries to act like it wasn’t bothering him until he was noted that the situation was dangerous for Seol to which he rushed out. He takes her out of the bar regardless of her drunk talk and sends her home in a cab.

Knowing Jung, he wouldn’t have done this for a random girl even if he knew the situation was bad because it didn’t concern him. But because of his feeling for Seol, he had to act accordingly and get her out of harm’s way. His feelings are also shown when he warns Do Hyun when confronted as it makes him sick to watch, he also threatens his internship which I assume is in Jung’s father’s company or a friend of Jung’s. I see Jung as someone who tries to go through life without minding anyone except if you cross his path then you only have yourself to blame. And when he cares enough about someone, he tries to include the person into his life and care for the person in a way he deems right. It may not look right to others but if Jung sees it as a way to show he cares, then cool.

  • After getting a D on her report because of her group members, Seol is left in a foul mood which results to the argument with Bora. Jung notices her mood and tries to call her which goes unheard which prompts him to follow her all the way to her flat within a distance. He spots In Ho walk up to Seol which makes him stop in his tracks and stare at them possible in shock as he had no idea they were on talking terms talk less of physical interactions as In Ho places a can drink on her head and takes her bag from her to carry. What was worse was the fact she smiled. Yes!
  • Jung apologizes to Seol admitting it was embarrassing and he felt frustrated and suggested they forget anything that made them feel bad towards each other which prompted her to ask him out to dinner. He walks her home even though Seol insisted that she was okay walking home and on getting there he stares intently at her making her very uncomfortable before asking her to date him.

LOL, I remember being in utter shock at him asking her out like where did that come from? I guess one of the reason he asked her out was so he had a reason to keep her away from In Ho.

  • Seol said yes even if she was doubting herself thinking he was up to something as he never showed interest before. She wonders why he’s not behaving like they were dating and sends him a text about her day to which he gave a short reply. Weird.
  • He drops by suddenly during her part-time to ask her out for coffee and notifies everyone that they were dating which surprises her because he’s the same person who acted like he didn’t ask her to date him or send her one sentence when she told him about her day. She explained to him that she thought he didn’t want to see her seeing the way he replied and it shocked him because he really meant that she should have a good vacation. Yes…but that’s not how you put it though. You’re not dating a stone.

I mean anyone would be confused if someone asked you out and the next day they acted indifferent, I would think I was being played or something. Also, not to talk of replying with short sentences and not calling or texting. I definitely would think something was up. But then he appeared out of the blue and asks her out to coffee and not hiding the fact they were dating. I guess that’s Jung for you.

  • They had a date over the weekend and this made Seol go over the top with her outfit with went unnoticed by In Ho who made remarks about it resulting to her changing. Oh, In Ho. Jung noticed her at the window and did a funny thing with his finger to make it look like he was patting her head. The date went well excluding the fact that they had different tastes in movies. Honestly, how many people in our world today would watch that movie? They get closer through this.
  • Seol doesn’t want to tell Jung that In Ho works in the academy thinking he would be mad since they weren’t on good terms not knowing Jung already knows. In Ho walks Seol home in the rain only to be met by Jung in front of her door stating he heard about the neighborhood thief and came to check up on her windows. His statement shocked In Ho because it was a miracle for Jung to care for someone else to which Jung replied, “Because she’s my girlfriend.”


So yeah, Jung doesn’t have a problem with people knowing Seol is his bae and he’s kind of possessive when you look closer. I’ve also noticed that he might be a small boy at heart sometimes like when he was oddly playing with an insect on the day of his graduation picture and when he was randomly acting like he was patting Seol’s head. It’s nice to know he’s not all stone.

But guys, the main episode is today, I hope. I’ve been waiting for that bed scene for a long time nows so it better be good.


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