Timeline of Seol & Jung’s Interactions I

  • Seol and Jung first met at a college bar and her first impression towards Jung was that he seemed like a cold person which was the direct opposite to what every other person thought.
  • Her impression towards him didn’t change but only grew stronger as a result of Sang Chul accusing her of reporting him on looting club funds where she pointed that Yoo Jung was also there meaning she was suspicious of him since she couldn’t be the one that reported. “It wasn’t me so who could it have been?” Even though people where taking Jung’s side, she insisted on asking him if it really wasn’t him to which he smiled and gave her a drink saying she was acting as a result of too much coffee.

At this point, some viewers already raised some eyebrows at his odd act of kindness and his poker face. There was also Seol’s voiceover revealing to us that Jung wasn’t who he really was making us move to the edge of our seats, wanting more. I, for one knew there was something up with him right from the start and not because of his very odd behavior but because of that unchanging face of his. How is that even possible? He must be another Do Min Joon.

  • At that time, Joo Yeon started to torment her life because she was in an unrequited love with Yoo Jung and according to her, Seol was ungrateful towards Yoo Jung. What exactly should she be grateful for though? Then Seol was sure Jung hated her as she narrated that he had started using people to harass her endlessly.
  • During that time, she tried escaping him countless of times but one day ended up tripping on the stairs and with that poker face of his, he stepped on a fallen paper in from of her and said she should have been more careful.

That scene did it for me, I remember just staring like what in the world…Also, at that time, a newly built prison cell in my mind palace came to life and it’s first occupant was Joo Yeon. It wasn’t In Ha but Joo Yeon.

  • Seol wasn’t looking forward to starting a new term with Yoo Jung because of had happened between them but she later finds out that he is the reason she got a scholarship and the news confused her because he was also the reason she wanted to leave school and he’s the same reason she has to keep going. Oh, the irony.
  • Jung suddenly became friendly towards her and asked her to lunch to which she hurriedly gave an excuse and ran out. I know I would too. This was the time she forgot to log out of the computer and as a result someone messed with her timetable meaning she ended up with the worst teacher in the world. Obviously, she suspected Yoo Jung as he was in the library with her when she left.

Honestly, I was a hundred percent sure it was him because I already labeled him as a patient and I was sure he was out to get Seol. Yeah, you can say I was too quick to judge him but if someone like him tormented you and all of a sudden became nice to you out of nowhere. Anything bad that happened to me would be blamed on him and yes, I know it’s hard to do something like that with a face like Yoo Jung’s. Who knows, I probably would have secretly like the fact he was tormenting me. giphy3

  • Jung appeared at her place of work and ordered a cup of coffee and a fruit shake and hands the fruit shake to her and this gesture made her confused and suspicious. Like why would he buy her something? What relationship do they have?
  • Jung asked her if she suspected him of changing her timetable and suggested they go and look at the CCTV tapes to find out the culprit. He went on first to look at the tapes without her. Seol, Bora and Eun-Taek went on to look at the CCTV and found out that Jung was in fact innocent but left before the scene involving Sang Chul came up but this was already known by Jung who went to confront Sang Chul about it who spilled out the truth out of fear. It was later Jung admitted that it wasn’t clear what Sang Chul was doing and didn’t think he would spill everything like that making Sang Chul furious.

When Jung went to the CCTV room alone, I was sure he was the one because I thought he was going to do something to the tapes like erase them or something. I guess I was quick to judge but I have no regrets. The first thing that made it clear to me that Yoo Jung was in fact a manipulator and a very skilled one at that was when he confronted Sang Chul knowing it wasn’t clear on the CCTV and I felt at that time that Sang Chul owed him a favor. That was the beginning of his chain of favors.

  • Jung kept following Seol and even making her feel uncomfortable during classes and also kept asking her out to eat to which she always declined, politely. She began being suspicious of him again. Who wouldn’t? How many times do you need to say no to stop asking. huh?
  • “No matter how I struggled to avoid him, I’m certain he’s doing this on purpose.” So, she decided to stop this craziness and talk it out with him by apologizing for blaming him for messing with her timetable. He withheld his forgiveness and instead asked her out to eat with him before her accepted it. Jeez.

And that ladies and gentlemen is how Seol and Jung had their first meal together. I guess she had no choice but to surrender because it seemed like he would not stop following her and pestering her so she had to agree to one meal. Who knew that wouldn’t be their last meal. He explained that his reason for pestering her was because he just wanted to talk to her and straighten out things. It was then Seol began to have a more positve feeling towards him but kept reminding herself that he was sly. “He’s sly, like a snake! He’s sly. Is he? Is he not?” LOL!

  • We also note that this was when Jung met Ah-Young. The first friend of Seol’s he’s officially introduced to.
  • After her run-in with Baek In-Ho, she realizes that her laptop is broken in class and tries to ask her classmates to borrow theirs only to be turned down. Jung notices this and borrows her his. She was about to be scolded for not paying attention in class when Jung came to her rescue by asking the lecturer a question that impresses her. Oh, knight in shining armor -_-. He also notices that she wasn’t done by the time class had ended and offered to be the one to collect the reports. He waited for Seol while she completed her report and Seol stated that it was distracting to which he replied, “I’m glad because you bother me a lot too.” I won’t deny it but this scene made be squeal a bit on the inside especially because of how bold he was about it. And of course this surprised Seol who acted like she didn’t hear anything.
  • In this same period, Jung logged in with is ID when Seol was low on funds to print out her report and while doing so trapped Seol in between his arms. We all saw this scene and squealed. I know you did. He acted like he didn’t know what he was doing but I bet you, he did.                                  giphy4
  • Jung takes the blame for Seol saying he accidentally left her report behind when it was Joo Yeon who removed it from the pile out of jealousy.

We can see the interactions between Seol and Jung and how they progress. To Seol, all these interactions between her and Jung was weird because just a term ago, he tormented her soul. It’s like your bully being nice to you all of a sudden and in very weird ways. LOL, I wouldn’t have that.

  • After the drunk man incident on campus, Yoo Jung tends to Seol’s wounds while telling her to care for herself before others. “I’m saying this because I’m concerned. If you’re going through something difficult, don’t keep it inside and say so. I’ll help you.” At that time, Seol felt that the interactions between them felt different to what it usually is. Perhaps, it felt a bit intimate to her which makes it weirder because it was Yoo Jung. *Remember from a later episode, it was revealed that Jung had actually fell for her before that scene when she took care of him when he had a cold. To him, he was acting according to the way he felt because he truly cared for her while Seol just found it uncomfortable.
  • He used the picture he forced Jung to take as his background on his phone. That scene showed a very friendly interaction between them in the sense that Seol wasn’t as uncomfortable as she usually was around him.

As we know that Jung fell for her at the bar when they were decorating it for an event. She took care of him when he had a cold regardless of the fact that they weren’t on the friendliest of terms at that time. What I thought on that part was that Seol did what any kind person would do. She didn’t do it because she fell for him or anything of the sort. I guess because Jung lacked that kind of care growing up so when Seol cared for him even when they weren’t talking pulled a string in his heart.

  • Seol was set on a blind date with some guy and she arranged one with Ah Young and Jung. When Jung found out that Seol left him to mingle with Ah Young while she went on a date, he was hurt hence his reaction during his date with Ah Young. He thought him and Seol were getting along well only to find out that he was being used. That was his thinking. “I thought we’d gotten to be good friends lately, but there was a reason you approached me. You’re just like everyone else. It’s quite difficult to eat a meal with you”

And then I was like, giphy6 “Umm…”

So, this is the first part of Seol and Jung’s interactions as I’m trying to avoid an extra long post. Also, I’ll also do one on Seol and In Ho because of course, I have to.

This is something I just thought on doing like seeing how they interacted from the start and how they progressed.

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