Come Closer – Cheese In the Trap

WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH OH YOUNG GON? Why is he such a creepy person for crying out loud? I was so frustrated watching him that I almost…I almost, ugh, I don’t even know what I almost did but I almost did something and it would have been terrible. I can assure you that. What is his obsession with Seol? The girl has not only hinted that he should leave her the hell alone but has told him outright to get the hell out of her sight but he doesn’t seem to get it because she’s blinded by the scam that is Yoo Jung. He’s gotten beaten up by In Ho more than once but he still won’t stop and he’s dumb girlfriend isn’t helping, not in the least. I don’t get why some people believe him a.k.a. Min Soo and his girlfriend. She knows the kind of person he is but she’s still dating him. What exactly is she lacking that she has to date someone like that creep? I’ll tell you what she’s lacking, a brain. She, as an individual is actually annoying because she never minds her business plus she’s always supporting the wrong side. She’s probably jealous of Seol which is a plausible reason why she took Min Soo’s side even thought it was quite obvious Min Soo was bat shit crazy.

I honestly couldn’t believe it when Young Gon called Seol’s house. And he was proud to admit the fact that he knew everything about her. He needs to be locked up honestly, he’s officially overthrown In Ha’s seat in my mind palace. He honestly deserves it. As we’ve seen already, he’s trying to worsen Seol and Jung’s relationship and it’s just frustrating. I mean, I don’t mind because there’s In Ho to pick up her broken heart. In case you were wondering, I’m still on In Ho’s side here. He needs a break, man. And his creepiness increased when he kept using a twig to point at the image of In Ha’s boobs saying he’ll call her plumpy. He’s so very weird and I can’t anymore.

Before I go on, I need to know something. At the ending of the ninth episode where they showed a preview of episode 10, there was a bed scene. I want to know if I’m the only one who saw that then maybe it was all in my head. There was a bed scene with Jung and Seol kissing. tumblr_o1z0rmk4nk1qfc3dfo1_500 And I was really looking forward to the next episode only to be turned down. I kept waiting and waiting while looking at how much time left till the show ended and there was nothing. It doesn’t stop there I figured “wow, I got teased by these psychos but I guess I can manage till episode 11 next week.” but guess what, cheese in the trap ain’t airing next week. Yes, it’s not airing next week because there’s a Lunar New Year special airing that period so we’ll have to wait an extra week guys and I don’t know about you but I want that bed scene and I want it now. I have only two options, I travel to Korea and threaten the PDs to hand a copy of episode 11 and 12 OR I kidnap the main cast and lock them up somewhere and make them act out episode 11 and 12 for me. It’s going to be hard to make a choice before Sunday but it has to be done. If you have a better option, fine, let me know otherwise I have to book my tickets soon.

Anyway, I really liked the last episode because they showed more of In Ho and Seol interacting and I was happy. He hasn’t realised that he has feelings for Seol but he’s getting there. I mean, this show is different in the aspect that in normal K-dramas, the main guy is usually annoying while the second male lead is sweet and everyone loves him but knows that at the end it’s the annoying one who gets the guy because all girls love bad guys, right? Cheese is different as both guys are sweet to the girl in their own ways like Yoo Jung shows he cares for her by manipulating or threatening everyone that has done something bad to her, e.g. Son Min Soo while In Ho shows he cares by actually taking care of her but disguised in a way to show he didn’t put any thought into it therefore making it kind of hard to dislike one of them. I’m still #teaminho at the moment because he needs love.

tumblr_o1z9pvydi11tbn5yto6_400 <–aww, his red cheeks

It’s funny how Seol and Co. try to collect evidence of Young Gon harassing Seol and In Ho’s alwasy there to ruin the moment. The look on his face when they get angry at him like ‘you’re all crazy.’


Last episode they showed us a glimpse of Yoo Jung and In Ho’s friendship and I felt so sentimental. It was odd seeing them all friendly but it was a nice feeling and too bad they’re not friends anymore. I really want to know what happened. Once upon a time, Yoo Jung used to smile a lot. Who would have thought?

So guys, I guess we’ll see in two weeks or I’ll post pictures of how my plan went. We may actually get to see 11 and 12 soon, hehe. giphy2


  • The picture Oh Young Gon sent to In Ha was hot but it reminded me of those annoying pictures guys send on dating sites or online stuff. Just thought I’d drop that.tumblr_o1zbmulzvl1rizykro1_500 <– they’re both psychos anyway
  • Baek In Ha might not be so bad afterall, I’m getting used to her. =]

credits go to the rightful owners of the images used in this post.

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