This Love – Cheese in the Trap

Aigoo! I’ve been really entertained and I’m loving it. I’ve been getting a lot of feels from In Ho lately and that just makes me love him more. As for Yoo Jung, I’d say my suspicion has reduced a bit but not really. One second you think it’s all a misunderstanding as it should be but then he behaves weird, then it increases. We’re just like Seol in a way, she gets suspicious of his past life especially when strange people tell her the same thing. “You don’t know Yoo Jung.” I mean, if one person tells you something, it’s okay but if several people tell you the same thing, then okay becomes weird.

In Ho. As each episode goes by, I love him more and feel for him more. Yes, he’s stubborn, very stubborn but on the inside, he’s just a mess and he hides it with that attitude of his. That is the worst way to manage pain because it just stacks up. I’m happy he’s playing piano again (and OMG at the part he played the piano with Seol because I literally stretched my mouth), it’s really noticeable that he wants to play the piano but because of his personality, he tries to act like he doesn’t care. I lost it when he was staring at the power cord in the shop, he really just wanted to play.

tumblr_o1jk1mrjsx1qmeijao5_r1_400 <– you poor soul!

I hope his relationship with Seol soars because I enjoy their interactions together and I like the fact that her brother intervened in their lives and now he’s even more in her life, planned or not. He got to meet her parents before Yoo Jung and even though it wasn’t the way I had wanted them to meet, that still says a lot for me. Her brother obviously is closer to him that her boyfriend. I felt bad for him especially during the scene where Yoo Jung came to her parent’s shop and they kept complimenting him while he tried to distract them by making unnecessary noises (which I found funny btw) until he gave up and left. He blames Yoo Jung for his injury and he stopped playing the piano where he thought he had a future in so seeing other people praise Yoo Jung gets him frustrated. Also, Yoo Jung has a future and he doesn’t even know what he’s doing. Sometimes I forget that he’s an orphan because of the way he acts but everyone around him has someone watching over them and taking care of them while he fends for himself and his annoying sister who is older than him by the way. Tsk. Let’s not forget he (and his sister) was also abused as a child. I mean if these aren’t ingredients to create the saddest feels ever, I don’t know what is. tumblr_o1lqrul13u1uq4zv4o1_400 <– someone please love him.

So Yoo Jung has stepped up his game and making us fall in love with his romantic ways and before I move forward, I just have to say that the kiss they shared was magnificent. For a second, I thought it was going to be those Korean drama kisses that you just fall on the other person’s lips but boy was I wrong. I realised I puckered my own lips while watching that kiss, I guess I was so into it. tumblr_o1m566j2da1rjep1fo4_500 <–WOW!

I would say it’s the best kiss I’ve seen in a K-drama but let’s not forget flower boy ramyun shop.tumblr_mcs70eryrz1r1le8no3_250<–he ruined those lips

Don’t get me wrong, I love Yoo Jung and Seol’s interactions too and the way he treats her just reminds me of what I sadly don’t have. Hmph! I like that he wants to show their relationship to the world even when she’s like no. Like I’ve said a million times over, I want to be in his brain. The scene with Oh Young Gon (and I’ll get to him in a minute) and the phone was so weird because all the while I was asking myself if he did it on purpose or not. For a second, my doubts were cleared up when it showed that it was In Ha that sent the message but when he smirked, I just gave up. Like dude, I don’t know what to believe in anymore! He could have stopped her or grabbed his phone but he knew what she was doing and let her. Yes, that could have been an I don’t care attitude but knowing who that guy is, I just…gosh, I don’t know anymore. Young Gon totally got his ass kicked. He thought he would reveal the real Yoo Jung and called the other students but instead Yoo Jung looked like the victim as usual. My real question is, would Joo Yung still like her if he finds out they’re not alike? Although, it was revealed he fell for her in that bar when she was sleeping so…we will soon find out.

Oh Young Gun, the freakiest and weirdest creep ever. Like what on earth is wrong with him? I know he is mentally unstable in so many ways but come on, what kind of creep stalks someone all the way to her home and acts offended when she’s freaked out. He was actually complaining that it looked like it was a one-sided affair. LOL. He kept sending her gifts even when she scolded him to stop. I would have gotten a restraining order because that is just borderline weird. Fun fact: that same scene in the comic revealed that Young Gon got to know her apartment number by pretending to walk her home and waited till he saw what floor the lights stopped on. WHAT A FREAK! Unfortunately for him, she noticed and kept going up resulting to him sending gifts to her neighbours who sent them back to her.

He not only bothered Seol but he was also on Bora’s case and was annoyed that she paid him no attention only to have his ass handed to him by Eun Taek which I must say was well deserved and hot at the same time. tumblr_o1j9oioxyc1so8ipho3_400 And now he’s still bothering Seol by getting into Min Soo’s head (I’ll get to that weirdo in a second). The problem is that he doesn’t just know when to quit and he seems to forget that he’s dealing with Yoo Jung who is also another weirdo but a hotter and sane one. Now he’s dating someone else and is still focusing on using his energy to make Seol’s life hell. I might just lock him up with In Ha in my mind palace. He has a yellow card.

Son Min Soo, wow, this chick went from a 0 to 100 in a second. She showed up out of the blue looking like a bootleg version of Seol and expected her to be fine with it. I don’t even know where to go with her because I’m not sure what her problem is exactly. She admired Seol so much she tried to look exactly like her but a word from that weirdo and now, Seol is her enemy. I don’t get it. LOL, she actually said Seol was copying her. Right.

I’m still enjoying this show very much and I hope it keeps up this way. I’m trying to avoid long posts but it’s really hard.


  • Seol’s brother is just too cute, I’m always just staring at his red cheeks. I want them.
  • loled at the scene where Yoo Jung beat up that pervert and asked if he should break his hands since they’re just for stealing panties anyway.
  • Can Bora and Eun Taek just get in bed already?! Gosh
  • tumblr_o1fb8vwd2g1tmq538o5_250–>giphy
  • LOL at Seol’s parent’s facial expressions when they found out who Yoo Jung is
  • This scene was way too awkward for me to keep a straight face. tumblr_o1m2qmnf6m1r5c02zo7_400
  • Have I said I’m happy In Ho is playing again. ^.^
  • I found the song!!! Such by Kang Hyun Min
  • I feel like this post was too centered on In Ho but that’s because I have too much feels for him. T_T


See ya! xx tumblr_o1j3gmaqpm1uezol6o2_400<–I’ll just leave that there.


credits of images used in this post goes to their respectful owners.

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  1. mscrazyellie says:

    Wow! My thoughts about Yoo Jung is exactly the same as what you’ve written. I got feels for In Ho too but Yoo Jung is killing me. Its like even though he is showing more of himself to Seol and the way he is to her is so adorable, there are still things we dont know about him. , and I quote what you say, I want to be inside his brain

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Love says:

      I know right. I really want to understand this dude.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. mscrazyellie says:

    I love your post btw!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. AniKa says:

    I can’t help but love In Ho too. Does anybody know for sure if they end up together for sure? I mean Jung and Seol? I am trying to spare myself the dissapointment again which may be inevitable. I even ended up imagining the actor that playes In Ho playing the role of Jung, but I couldn’t separate him from his wild temperament and ended liking him again. It could be that his looks and acting skills have a lot to do with the way he attracts so much love from the viewers… who knows…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Love says:

      I don’t think any one knows for sure as the comic itself isn’t finished. I mean at the moment, it looks like is an 80% chance between June and Seol but I love plot twists so we’ll never be 100% sure till the end. In Ho fighting!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. AniKa says:

        Fighting !:)


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