“Seol, I Am Not Strange.” – Cheese In the Trap

WOW! I was going to wait till episode 6 before posting but damn, Yoo Jung has forced me to post. I like that some back stories were shown to us to allow know better about the characters. Baek In Ho’s father was a respected professor and Jun’g family took them in. This is close to my initial though of friend of the father. I had no idea In Ho and his sister were abused as kids, that’s so sad. But do I dislike his sister any less? Nope. In fact, I think this episode made me want to punch her boobs so hard it hurt.

I’m happy Seol gets to know Yoo Jung’s true personality bit by bit because honestly, one cannot hide behind a mask forever. During the hospital scene when they went to see Bora and a bleeding person was pushed on a gurney past them making Seol scream which prompted Yoo Jung to say it was just blood. LOL, ok. You must have seen a lot of it in your past, huh, Jung? Also, the scene where he tried to hold her hand while she was sleeping reminded me of an alien trying human contact for the first time (it was cute though, can’t lie).

tumblr_o16zuqhg2f1r5iugro4_400  tumblr_n56c7emsvx1ro8ysbo1_500

So Yoo Jung told Seol that In Ho hurt his hand and thinks it was his fault. Well, if you say it’s not your fault, why did you turn a blind eye to it then because we all know you witnessed the fight. I really want to know what happened between them because they started out as friends meaning something definitely must have gone wrong. It would have been easier to guess that Jung didn’t like In Ha when he was brought to his house with his sister when they were younger probably due to jealousy or whatever kids these days fight over. But we saw them being friendly towards each other so I want to know what went down.

When Seol told him what Nam Joo Yeon said about not doing anything when he knew Seol was in danger, his reply was that he called the security and searched with them. Searched with them? OK, let’s say he called security (but wait, I remember Joo Yeon saying she called security at one point…or am I wrong?) anyway, we ALL know he did no searching but stood and watched as the scene unfolded.  why-you-always-lying-feat This guy really is sneaky and Seol will be caught in his trap if she believes him.

I had the exact same thought with Seol when she asked why Yoo Jung’s attitude towards everything was so simple. I’d like to use a simple example to describe Yoo Jung. Let’s say you both witness a car accident and your reaction, which is the normal one would be panic while Yoo Jung stares and goes on doing his own thing so when you confront him about his weird behaviour, he answers in a calm manner that he didn’t die and the ambulance was already on it’s way not like panicking would change the outcome of the situation. You then begin to feel guilty for getting angry with him since he has a point. So yeah, he makes the other person feel guilty for the wrong reasons and that, my friends is a skilled manipulator. He has a simple mind, he doesn’t like complicated. He takes the straight approach to things whether an alternative exists or not. He sees it as it is.

I mentioned in my previous post that he liked to have something against people and this episode showed it. He wants people to owe him so he can make them do something for him later. In fact, in the case of the teaching assistant, I thought Yoo Jung found out about his sexuality and used that against him but he found him stealing money. Knowing who Yoo Jung is, I think he just found out TA’s sexuality and will use it against him if the need arises.

I’m pretty sure every viewer scoffed when he asked if he was weird? The real question is ‘When aren’t you weird, Yoo Jung?’ Every step he makes makes me suspicious.


This episode cleared up some things for me in the aspect of how Yoo Jung started liking Seol. I’ve always complained that the way he liked her was off. Like when did it even start? And before we knew it, he asked her out right before our very eyes so I wasn’t convinced that he liked her in that sense. There was more it and alas, there is. He thinks him and Seol are the same in a way since she witnessed the jug scene and smirked and said nothing. Well, he’s stranger for thinking like that and asking Seol out because they are the same. He also thinks everyone around him is weird as he’s not the weird one. I mean I can understand him from an aspect of just doing what his brain thinks is right. He said they told him to be honest and he did that so I’m guessing he was expecting all to go well if he just went by the rules but I hate to break it to you, Yoo Jung but life isn’t as simple as your mind.


  1. I like his cute interactions with Seol though, it makes me smile but he’s still evil. tumblr_o1636tgfmp1unrbkao1_500 <– aww
  2. That hospital scene where Eun Taek carried Bora made me confused like that’s out of the blue. I’m pretty sure her legs haven’t melted away. Yes, she was sad but that’s uncomfortable. Maybe it’s just me?
  3. I also like how this episode had more parts and interactions between the two main characters, at least we got to see more of the JunSeol couple (is that a thing already?)
  4. I want more interactions between In Ha and Seol; I’m a fan of the both of them for now if you can’t tell. ^_^
  5. I really want that ending song but I can’t find it and it’s not even in the two OST albums that have been released. T_T

See you soon.

disclaimer: credits go to the rightful owners of images used in this post.


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  1. aigoo says:

    Hahaha…first i love the alternate pictures (not from the drama) used to describe characters or scenes. Hehehehe….but totally agree with everything u just wrote. I really need to start this drama….but i want to marathon it in one watch….it is too good to anticipate every week. Maybe by episode 14..i will start….but my chances look super slim as i am tempted to start. Let’s hope episode 6 can make me hold off for a while…ahhhh


    1. Love says:

      Oh, I totally agree with you. How epic would it be to marathon this series? But I warn you, it gets harder to hold off till episode 14. Good luck, my friend. =)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. aigoo says:

        You are so right….I couldn’t wait any longer. Episode 6 got me good


  2. siniafeia says:

    You like that second lead too? I am a bit edgy after Reply 1988, they really broke my heart and I lost desire to watch the last two epizodes. This drama looks quite unpredictable too and I am suspisioous to both male leads because of that. And because it is unpredictable, it is so much fun! I like the way Jun keeps acting like himself even though he is in love now. Makes me wonder if his interaction with Seol will start making him change a bit. He definitely fell for her because she challenged him like no other and because he found something similar in her reactions to himself to how he reacts to others. He still can’t seem to grasp in what way she is different but it is bound to happen. What I wonder is if Seol will fall for him in spite of his evil nature or she will change for In Ha … Those two even look similar, something about their eyes and their interaction is so cute an natural! In Ha and Seol I mean 🙂


    1. Love says:

      I haven’t yet fully gotten into reply 1988 (I’m like 7 episodes in) but hearing about your experience, I’m having doubts lol. But yeah, I totally understand Yoo June’s feelings. I think he hasn’t yet grasped fully on his feelings for Seol but I’m really excited about future episodes. But at the moment, I’m interested in In Ho and Seol’s interactions.


      1. siniafeia says:

        Don’t give up on Reply 19888. It is still one of the best shows I’ve ever watched… well, if you ship the right person you won’t be even dissapointed…:) The truth is our heart choses who we like, so sometimes dissapointment is bound to happen 🙂 I am also more intetested in Seol and In Ha for the moment.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Love says:

        I hope I ship the right person then lol

        Liked by 1 person

  3. dieclouds says:

    Erm… can somebody please tell me why do you think he has a simple mind rather then having psychological problem? Because I just watched two episode of this drama. The part that really bugs me is when he treats
    Seol nice for one scene and rather odd for another scene, why?
    And lastly, it is just the way the story telling wanting me to feel this or what?


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