Cheese in the Trap – Second Male Lead Syndrome

Wow guys, how are you liking this drama series so far? Because I definitely am. Baek In Ho at the moment is my fav character and this will likely change depending on what happens in the future. Now, there were some scenes were I found Yoo Jung weird AF. Like after he asked Seol out, he ignored her for a while especially when she texted him and he just replied with like five words and threw his phone and resumed playing his game. I found this really odd because he had just asked her out and you would think he would take his time to reply or something although this is Jung we’re talking about here so I guess anything goes. There’s also the scene where he visited Seol in her office the first time and he acted like he had not been ignoring her for days. Oh, and remember the drunk guy scene? He totally saw her coming out hurt and didn’t do anything to help. There was no emotion whatsoever on his face and then he asks her out? Wow! I really want to be in his head so I can truly understand the mess that is Yoo Jung.

One thing I noticed from this episode and at the same time found hilarious is that Yoo Jung likes to have things on people so they have no choice but to owe him a favour. If that’s not evil, I don’t know what is. I mean, the assistant professor (or whatever he is) definitely doesn’t like Jung and it’s because Jung knows something he shouldn’t (and I think I know what it is). Also with Nam Joo Yeon and the senior (I think his name is Sang Chul if I remember right), he has something on the both of them and there are similar scenes with both Joo Yeon and Sang Chul where they beg him to forgive them or not tell anyone what they have done which he doesn’t say he will anyway. So, it’s probable that in the future, they have to do what he wants them to do. He’s just a manipulative devil.

So Baek In Ha, In Ho’s sister has finally been cut off and she has done nothing but annoy me. On a side not, the actress that plays In Ha seems to be overacting. I noticed that others complained too. I’m not sure if the character is meant to be over the top but her’s is quite out there and a bit uncomfortable to watch. If she toned it down a bit, just a bit then she’ll be okay. Now, where were we – Baek In Ha doesn’t want to work or do anything and just wants to spend money that isn’t hers to begin with. Yoo Jung is actually being patient with her and surprisingly kind by suggesting she took classes so she could work and find a job as a pre-warning that once he takes over the company, she would be completely out and he would not be willing to help. Well, at the moment, I honestly don’t care what happens to her.


her expressions are hilarious nonetheless

On the other hand, In Ho has managed to fully capture my heart this episode. From his making fun of her outfit to making her laugh when she was angry. He didn’t even have to make an effort to make her laugh and I really like that about him. At the convenience store when she walked in looking like a hobo and she noticed he was there and didn’t even bat an eyelash at her appearance. It felt like they had known each other for a very long time and there was nothing to hide. She noted that he looked better dressed smart while he said she looked better when she wasn’t dressed up. I also like the fact that they both listened to each other’s advice in what to wear even though it seemed like they wouldn’t. Honestly, I just enjoyed watching them together.

Their interactions were the exact opposite to Seol and Jung’s. She felt uncomfortable eating at a fancy restaurant and she couldn’t eat much even though she was hungry and when compared to In Ho, she slurped her noodles like there was no tomorrow and fought over Kimchi. Also, she obviosuly didn’t enjoy the movie they watched together (I also didn’t enoy watching that movie; it was boring) and noted that they didn’t match. From my perspective, the best kind of relationship is the one where both parties are very comfortable with each other.

tumblr_o0ybstze1a1rwfw3mo4_r1_400 I really loved this scene because they acted without a care in the world and Seol prefers to keep to herself especially around strangers but it was like she just let go for a moment to be happy which was exactly what In Ho wanted. Baek In Ho – plus 1

So, I’d like to know your thoughts on Yoo Jung’s behaviour. What do you think he’s really up to? Also at the moment who’s your favourite? Yoo Jung or In Ho?

P.S. I need to know the soundtrack used at the end. I know there are two versions, one on Korean and the other in English (it’s not really in English just a tiny difference) but I can’t seem to find it. So any captains out there?

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