Cheese in the Trap – Part II

OK, episode 3 was fun and epic towards the end. Although, there was not much interaction between Seol and Jung, it was hardly noticeable as we saw more interactions between the other characters. While waiting for episode 3 to come out like an addict (like seriously I kept rewatching some parts of 1 and 2 to satisfy my hunger), I decided to skim through the comic book which I did half-heartedly because I didn’t want to run into any major spoilers and noticed that the writer of the TV show incorporated her own scenes while following the comic which I was thankful for because I preferred the way she went about it.

Anywhoo, without wasting much of your time, I’d like to first of all talk about Baek In Ho and Baek In Ha as I did not talk talk about them in my previous post. I think more was revealed on their part this episode like the fact In Ho used to play piano when he was younger and something happened that he couldn’t and doesn’t want to anymore (this explains that date scene in episode 2 when he corrected Seol’s date on the composer of the song). I’m guessing this has something to do with Jung as they keep bickering to and fro about whose fault it is and who doesn’t want to take the blame. I really want to know the full story between those two – I mean, we already know that In Ho got into a fight while creepy Jung just watched while it happened which was probably where he broke his fingers. They were best friends so I wonder what happened, gah, I need more so I can put my clues together. Also, while I’m on the topic of Baek In Ho, am I the only one who wanted to punch his face when he made Seol pay almost a $100 for meat? And he didn’t even know her that well. The nerve.

Then there’s In Ha, In Ho’s ridiculous sister who actually gets on my nerve bit by bit. She still wants to get support from Jung’s family but doesn’t want to work for it. That’s what I call a bitch right there, an annoying one. Her brother is trying to get by on his own even though he’s taking the wrong approaches while she’s causing more havoc and even getting on Jung’s nerve which isn’t helping anyone. Now, I really want to know their relationship. Cousins whose parents died? Family friend or friend of the father? Argh, so many questions, too little answers. Also, where is Jung’s mum? Is there a connection?


There’s no way I’ll end this post without talking about that frustrating group project. At that point I felt like the writer was a friend of mine who took some scenes out of my life. Group projects are actually one of the most annoying parts of uni life except of course, you get lucky to be part of a sensible group but I tell you my friends, that is rare. And that senior, oh my goodness, doesn’t he remind you of someone you know? He’s already falling behind his peers as he should have graduated already but he’s still drinking all day long and also mooching off students. If that’s not the worst, I don’t know what is. And the girl with the glasses, wow, what a shocker, I’m not being stereotypical here when I say I thought she was smart because not everyone who wears those are smart. I say this because she always looked prepared for class but I was wrong. She may be smart in other things but she excused herself for doing the project because of what, her phone battery? LOL! OK! I’m not going to even get into the other chick because I was kind of expecting it, there’s just something about her face, lol, I don’t know.

Yeah, so they ended up all getting a D at the end even Seol who toiled day and night. They all had one job, memorize a bit of the script given to you. Why did you have to mess that up too? Of course Jung and his crew did well. Did I expect anything less? Nope. The funniest part was the girl who couldn’t speak up, at first I thought I was the problem so I kept increasing my speakers until the professor screamed and my ears bled. The senior also had the balls and nerve to complain about the fact Seol was pissed because of a mere D. Umm, if I was her, he’d either have to do the presentation on his own as his individual project because I would have snitched on his ass (that is if he still talked crap after the PT) or he solely got an F while the rest of us managed the D. Now, the part that annoyed me was when Seol didn’t correct the professor when she insinuated that Seol did it all on her own because she thought the other group members were not up to her level. She just took it and I just sat there thinking maybe she really deserves that D.

I really felt for Seol this episode, you could really feel her frustration and I was totally with her when she had a bit of falling out with Bora. Not that it’s a good thing to do but why express your depression if nothing can be done about it. The only thing that can come out of that is more depression. Bora should have understood her at that point and poor Euntaek for being in the middle of two female friends who aren’t on friendly terms. That’s not a good place to be.

We all know In Ho is going to like her obviously but I really hope this drama deals with that well. I like being surprised when I watch dramas especially Korean ones because I can always tell what will happen after four episodes in 95% of K-dramas I watch. So, fingers crossed. I really liked the interactions between In Ho and Seol at the scene where Jung followed her all the way home because she actually smiled at how stupid he was being even after that tough day she had.

cute also notice a white object far behind them? Yeah, that’s Jung.


Yoo Jung. Oh, Yoo Jung, what is really going on in that head of yours, I really want to know. Again, he didn’t stop with his staring this episode, if anything, it became worse. Seol had tried to apologize to him but he kept on ignoring her like a five year old but still kept staring at her or following her. I really don’t get that guy you know.But he surprised me at the end. He surprised us all right? I mean, I knew he was going to say something cheesy (I kind of felt it from the way those annoying lights were flickering cuz that’s what happens in cliche world) but not for her to date him. I literally covered my mouth whispering omo, omo. Honestly, because of who he is, I’m still suspicious but I like how he was direct about the whole thing and it took us just 3 episodes to see that. Normally we have to wait for like 12 episodes before we get anything like that. Therefore, Cheese in the Trap – plus 1. Who actually felt creeped out by the way he was staring at her before she turned to go in? I definitely did and I shifted a bit from my screen.

tumblr_o0t9kzycgf1unrbkao5_500 <–he practised ^_^(still doesn’t stop me from suspicion bro)

MY THOUGHTS – I’m actually silently falling for Baek In Ho because I feel the relationship between those two will be the honest type with honest interactions. Before you start throwing punches my way, I still like Jung but In Ho is really charming and c’mon, he also has a painful past that we’re not sure of. tumblr_o0kxz93iwi1uq4zv4o1_400 <– 😦

The funny part is that no one is sure about the ending (although we can all take a guess) because the webtoon isn’t over. Hehe.

P.S. Nam Joo Hyuk is doing a fine job acting his role even if it isn’t much.tumblr_o0mt3ig53h1tmjt2ko1_400

See you soon!

Credits go to the owner(s) of the images used in this post.

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