Spoilers – The Best Drama of the Year…Show Me the Money

Can someone please tell me the identity of this TV show? Is it a TV drama or what? I always seem to forget that it’s actually a reality survival program when I’m watching it from all the makjang things that have been happening. This is worthy of a Baeksang I tell you with all the controversies, surprising eliminations and let’s not forget the most shocking, Verbal Jint’s tears. Like, what is happening people? Either way, I am enjoying the drama but the unnecessary ones due to Mnet’s magnificent editing skills and the shocking ones. Really, Mnet needs to take it down a notch with their pauses because I almost passed out waiting for San E and VJ to announce who they eliminated.

OK, so about two weeks ago, there was a team performance and I honestly enjoyed Brand New team’s song as I did the rest but for some reason that song keeps getting stuck on my tongue – Microdot’s part to be specific. Before I briefly review all four performances, I’d like to take a moment to say that the team selection bit was hilarious and it just showed how hopeless YG or rather Tablo is – in a funny way of course. He practically whored his team to get the good members and cock-blocked everyone else much to their annoyance and he wasn’t going to stop. credits: notorious-gonzo

Honestly, I’ve always known Tablo was a troll, a sly one. Every time he swears (which is increasing after each episode), I always picture him saying ‘Haru-ya’ which is why it’s hard to take him seriously these days. So basically, AOMG practically got 100% of the votes and what was funny was that, the ones he wanted at first didn’t seem to have picked his team making those number of votes seem useless. The rappers that were high up on the dean’s list were Basick, Lil Boi, Microdot, Super B, One, Black Nut and Mino. There were other outstanding rappers, I just think the ones listed were a bit more favourites. Surprisingly, Brand New, the team that got very little votes (2, I think) got three rappers out of that list. Yup!

The final lineup:

Team AOMG –

Team YG –

Team ZiPal –

and finally Team BrandNew  –

It’s a sick lineup from what I can see and though it’s too early to pick the best team, BrandNew seems to have a lot of potential. Now to the team performances which was an official song mission where after the performance, one member from each team will be eliminated by the team’s judge. It’s sad yet funny how they made each team get to know each other and have fun together only for one person to be eliminated in the next round. Oh, Mnet!


Jay and Loco do not hide the fact that they prefer Lil Boi over anything and by anything, I mean anything. Even when he was having a hard time remembering his lyrics, all Loco could say was that he would do well and that his performance was great. I’m not sure what performance he was talking about though and Gray seems to think differently, too bad he’s not one of the judges. You can’t be in a team where there’s obvious favouritism and keep quiet which is why Geegooin has made it his life goal to be noticed by Jay & Loco (p.s. this would be awesome as a brand name, Jay&Loco™). 

Their performance was sick as expected and their tem work was very well organised which is why the judges had a hard time eliminating one of them but it’s gotta be done and unfortunately, David Kim was let go. Throughout their performance, I was praying for Lil Boi not to mess up or forget his lyrics or miss a beat, just not to mess up because if he did, I highly doubt they would eliminate him and then unnecessary Mnet drama would start so good on him for a good job done. Watch performance below.


Team YG decided to go have fun while stealing GD’s van (lucky bunch). They had as much fun someone an adult have playin with water and after that, they enjoyed a buffet where the judges dropped the bomb that they had 30 minutes to prepare for a performance before one of them was eliminated. And of course they were confused and shocked at the same time, I would also be like what the hell is this? Their ‘official song’ was Jinusean’s Ayo to which I was not happy about at first. I wanted a sicker beat but that was before I knew it was a prank. Trust Tablo to do stuff like this.

They all rehearsed for the surprise attack and New Champ felt like he had the short end of the stick because he was picked last. Aww. After the performance, the judges seemed to be having difficulty on who to pick when Super B asked if he could rap again but without a beat (lol, he was the confident one at fist) to which Tablo replied he had heard enough. Incredible was fake eliminated and while he was being interviewed, Sean hugs him and breaks the news to him. It’s a prank! Phew. Well, that’s another way to bring everyone closer and apparently a wake up call to them to do better during the real performance.

But all that glitters ain’t gold as there seems to be a disconnection among YG team members and Zico pointed out that their teamwork seemed forced which I found out later to be true as there was some issues between New Champ and Innovator. Their performance was good but out of sync but still good especially when they had their fans backing them up.

credits: notorious-gonzo

Sadly, New Champ was eliminated.

Watch the performance here:


This team’s idea of fun was to go out and play in the water. Well, it is summer. Zico had already created a beat for their official song and while they had fun in the water, they listened and freestyled to the beat and I already like the atmosphere in this team. I have to say that I’m looking forward to any performance from this team since the Zico and Palo performed on stage. While they were eating and bonding (Zico also rapped a sick one), everyone seemed confident in their mission except One who felt he didn’t belong in the team as he was surrounded by talented rappers. 😦 The judges noticed that too and said that it doesn’t even work when they try to lift his spirits. Aww, I can imagine how he feels.

Before the performance, Tablo decided that he had to say something and told Paloalto that he didn’t think he would go well with the program. Ah, Tablo, what will this show be like without him? As expected, their performance outdid all expectations and again Mino just did his thing which is being a boss. In his rap, he noted how it wasn’t him backing his company (YG) rather it was YG backing him. <—Ouch!

They took the longest on their decision because let’s face it, their team slayed. Sadly and unfortunately, One was let go. Not that he is not talented because he 100% is but I think he should have joined a different team because he would have had a higher chance of not being eliminated, i.e., YG.

Watch performance here:


I’m pretty sure everyone has a lot to say about this team especially during episode 5 and 6, it’s like they were testing the audience’s reactions. Their idea of fun as opposed to AOMG’s basketball and alcohol was to go to a spa and eat healthy food which I’m pretty sure was Verbal Jint’s idea. While they were shopping for team outfits, San E mentions that the song playing in the store would be their official song to which Hanhae complained that it wasn’t the type of music he was used to. The problem starts here. Either way, they went with the song because they had to and began to practice it as a team and both judges noticed that Microdot was a very strong contestant (you’re just noticing) making the other teams worry. Black Nut was told that he would have to deal with his stage fright one day. Honestly, I do not think him wearing shades should be such a big deal. If he can give a 100% wearing shades, then let him wear the damn shades, you can address the stage fright issue in due time.

Hanhae kept having issues with the song and worries that he’ll mess up during the performance. As noted earlier, their performance was sick especially Microdot’s. The elimination time came which is sort of the root of every controversy on the show at the moment. The judges had a hard time eliminating one of them which is understandable because they all did well even when they decided to show us their asses at the end (I will not be surprised if that was Black Nut’s idea). Verbal Jint’s elimination criteria was who would not do well on bigger stages which sort of got me thinking Black Nut and his shades but then again I was thinking they wouldn’t possibly eliminate him because of that. Hanhae was an obvious candidate because he messed up during the performance but at the end it was overlooked and Black Nut was eliminated. Yup, and this shocked the world. Yeah, so you can guess the look on everyone’s face both rappers and judges included because everyone thought it was Hanhae and they all agreed that they would regret their decision. Obviously, to a normal person, it woud look like obvious favouritism because of Hanhae’s affiliation with BrandNew. Therefore, as a result Hanhae was stressed, like really stressed. You can’t blame him, if that were me, I’d probably beg to be eliminated instead.

Watch the performance here:

Well, there certainly will be a part 2 to this blog post because there seems to be a lot happening.

P.S. First of all, I know Black Nut has a lot of issue that needs attending to but you can’t deny the fact that he’s a good rapper with or without the shades and the show kind of needs him if they want to keep up their makjang theme. He can get annoying at times, well, most of the time if not all the time but he’s good at rapping.

Then there’s KCC fining the show because of their language. It’s a hip hop show, there will be swearing and lots of it even Mnet bleeps them all out so I’m not really sure what their problem is. There’s just a lot of people that are out to get the show. Can’t blame them though, too much drama more than the one in actual dramas.

And OMG, Verbal Jint in tears? That will be discussed next time. What is this show?

I’d love to know your thoughts on this as well.

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