(Spoilers) Cypher + Judges’ Performances + Rants

I’m sure we’re all thinking the same thing after watching the fourth episode of SMTM and that’s ‘AH..Chul Goo! Why?’ I will still not understand why he gave the mic away because I was pretty sure that was one hell of an opportunity for him to simply and easily move to the next round but he decided to be nice? Nice? Ha! Who is nice in a rap battle or any kind of battle for that matter. If England played nice during the war then so many countries would not have been colonised. The ball practically rolled to his court when a freestyle battle was announced and he was more than confident to go to the next round but he messed it up all on his own. Like Snoop said, it seemed like a friendly battle but each person’s aim was to beat the other rapper. The other rappers were also baffled when he was eliminated and for sure if this were like the previous season of SMTM, he would have gone through with the team round. Although it’s sad that he’s gone but he does get massive bonus points for what he did. But honestly, I’m pissed lol and I can’t get over it. The aim of the cypher was simple, when you see a chance, grab the mic. That’s life and that high schooler better get to the finals.

The fact that this guy’s still here is surprising.

So, there was a revival round at the beginning of the episode and the contestants that were chosen were Jooheon, BeWhy, One, and Lil Boi. Not surprised there, they are really good. After a coin flip to decide who will battle against who, One and Jooheon went head to head and One came out on top because Jooheon didn’t have his own style. I also think One kind of slayed his part but Jooheon did well also as expected. You can watch their performance below.

This leaves BeWhy and Lil Boi against each other and Lil Boi won that one. It’s really sad BeWhy had to go because he’s also a very good rapper.

After the hectic cypher battle, the contestants headed backstage and started grumbling and mumbling about the battle saying it was shitty and whatnot and I do understand them because that kind of came out of the blue. I mean before Snoop Dogg decided to step in and organise the battle, it was really rowdy and at one point Snoop’s bodyguard had to notify them to step off the platform. It was like a jungle out there. I just have to point out that Microdot’s part was funny AF because he’s bigger and stronger than most of the contestants so no one could really take the mic from him and he kept rapping till he was done like ‘I don’t care about y’all, this is my time to shine.’ He received lots of praises from Snoop.

Four rappers were eliminated including Chul Goo for being nice, yes, life. The other three were ANJAKE, Kim Jun Sung and Yuri, the only female rapper left. She tried anyway. The other contestants also agreed that Chul Goo needed to be greedy.

Snoop Dogg: “Off the top I like Lil Boi, Basick, Microdot, One, Mino

Snoop Dogg: “Mino was dope. Mark my words, he will come all the way up. I see something in him.”

So, on to the producer’s performances and I must say Jay Park has a lot of money to spend even where not needed.

Verbal Jint + San E

Honestly, out of all the performances, I liked this one the least. It isn’t bad but I just prefer the others. Vasco joined them as a guest and I was wondering how they were going to pull this performance off because from what I know, Verbal Jint is a pretty mellow guy and San E isn’t…mellow.

But…the performance turned out good. Verbal even wrote the song just for the performance.

Lol, I saw this here:   So very true.

Zico + Paloalto

Off the head, this was the best performance for me. Mostly because even though it was just two of them on that stage, it felt like they brought ten people up on that stage and that, my friends is what you call a performance. Babylon later came up and performed with them. The highlight of that performance was rapping B-Free’s ‘My Team’. Lol, this is why I sometimes enjoy watching this show. For those who don’t know, the song, My Team is a diss song for San E by B-Free and started their beef. How awesome would it have been if B-Free came up on stage. Lol, Paloalto said he wasn’t trying to piss San-E off but that the song just has a sick beat and San-E agreed with him. He had no choice but to agree or else…

Tablo + Jinusean

Why this team had to bring out Bobby and B.I, I will never understand. I’m guessing it’s to cover up Junusean’s rapping skills but the contestants are not joining B.I or Bobby. That’s were they messed up. They should have saved them for a special performance.

As usual, Tablo’s rapping slayed.

Sometimes, I feel like only Tablo out of the YG team should judge certain rappers because though Jinusean can rap, they are not that good.

Jay Park + Loco

LOL at this team for spending money on decoration. They literally just threw a party on stage but the songs were crazy. I was bobbing my head the whole time. This always happens when I listen to AOMG songs.

I guess they were going for a Mad Max look on stage and as expected Jay went shirtless. Whenever he performs and he doesn’t take off his shirt then the world would be ending sooner than expected. Talking about a shirtless Jay Park, we all know he has a lot of tattoos on his body so whenever he’s shirtless, Mnet decides to blur the whole screen. I don’t get it though, I understand other channels blurring tattoos but with what this show has shown us so far, I don’t think they should go as far as blurring all our TV screens. I suggest they up the age limit to like 18 or something so that they also stop that annoying bleeping of swear words. For the first few minutes of one of the performances, it was all bleep..bleep…bleep. I still love my ears.

There were many times I was wowed during their performance like when Jay started rapping.

So AOMG hottie Gray joined them on stage wuth Ugly Duck and slayed the stage. Great performance from AOMG.

After the performance, it was time for the contestants to pick a team and the producers practically brough bribes. YG brought out shoes, hoodies, YG entrance passes, and YG meal tickets. LOL, first of all, they’re not catering to a bunch of homeless people and these YG meal tickets have been overused. TOP once said that the food isn’t that good as peopel are claiming it to be and he’s only eaten there like once. Every time I think of YG, I think of food before anything else. I really want to try that food before I disappear off this earth.

AOMG brough AOMG necklaces. I think they’re real gold too.

Zico and Paloalto brought bracelets and Zico made a joke from that because bracelet in the Korean language means PalZi (combination of Paloalto and Zico).

Verbal Jint and San-E brought a shirt with GO HARD written on it and I can tell you I was expecting nothing more because Verbal Jint, that’s why.

Surprisingly, Zico and Paloalto’s team won with a whooping 18 votes out of 24. That is like 24 votes to me, I mean just 6 people didn’t vote. I honestly thought AOMG would win but I should have known Mnet and their marvelous editing skills to make people see what never happened. Practically everyone kept saying AOMG was the best team but at the end only 3 people wanted to join their team. I’m guessing the performance changed a lot of opinions.

Although what was funny was that most of the contestants Zico called didn’t want to be on their team like Lil Boi which made the other teams rejoice. Super B rejected their offer also because of a YG meal ticket which Tablo bribed him with. LOL! The power of a meal ticket. Hanhae also rejects them which kind of surprised me as well but if all these people were saying no so who voted? They also tried to recruit Ja Mezz but because they pronounced his name wrongly (Ssa Mezz), Tablo being the troll he is said they had to get his name right if they wanted him on their team resulting to the MC calling him out on it and he replied by saying he felt sorry for the contestant and was trying to be considerate and that he put in a lot of effort in creating the name. I see a shade in that comment. TROLL LEVEL: INFINITY. So, the contestants who joined Zico’s team are One, Ja Mezz, Mino and AndUp. Lol and the fact they kept showing Taewoon’s face was just a mixture of laughter and sadness on my part. I’m not sure if that’s also part of Mnet’s evil editing plan but it was funny.

And Tablo just couldn’t stop being difficult, lol even Zico felt like strangling him. He kept trying to turn the contestants away from joining their team.

So, that’s it for this episode. I wonder how the team will be formed next week. Looking forward to it.

Here’s to the MVP.

In other bizarre news, Mino is blonde! Why? I will never know. ffff

I hope this is not some sort of Zico initiation thing.

A happy birthday to Tablo!

Picture credits go to the owners.

Video credit goes to Mnet.

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