(Spoilers) Show Me the Money 4 – One on One Battle Rants + Scandals

Wow, this season of SMTM as I’ve seen and heard has a lot more viewers than before with obvious reasons. Before I delve into that, I want to comment on some of the battles and pretty much everything on the show.

Super B vs. Lee Eung Bum

I got a bit pissed off at Super B because honestly I think he’s the reason Eung Bum won. Between those two, I didn’t really have a favourite so whoever was the best rapper deserved to win. Now, my problem was that the battle was meant to be performed as a team so they had to work together but Super B was having none of that because he didn’t want the other guy to see his lyrics. OK!

First off, the judges are meant to pick the winner based on who performed better but if the whole performance was not up to par then the goal wasn’t fulfilled, was it? The reason Eun Gum messed up was because Super B messed up his timing which obviously messed up Eung Bum’s timing resulting to what happened. Again, I have no favourites between those two but if Super B was going to win then it should have been because his performance was better. Like Tablo said, not sharing information is poison. In this case, it was. To have a better picture of things, imagine two people had to share a textbook to pass an exam but they had only 10 days. So person A uses the book for 5 days and B uses the book for the remaining 5 days. If A gets the book all wet and soggy so it’s hard to see the words then B has no choice but to fail. But in this world we live in, no one wants to know what happened behind the scenes. Well, it’s unfortunate for Eung Bum as the better man won. Inhale. Exhale.

Phew. Now, that that’s passed, we can move on.

Seo Chul Goo vs. Heo In Chang

Lol, Heo In Chang is just a funny human. I didn’t get his problem really. First of all, he was pissed because he was chosen – and he was pissed because he knew he was going to lose. Honestly, how and why did they pass him at first. Simple. He was smart in the second round. Out of 60 seconds, he used a whole 30 seconds to move round the stage and make funny noises. Yeah! Uh! Yeah! Yup and before his whole rap could be heard, time was up. So…..He was also pissed at the fact that he was being disrespected by someone younger than him – I did not see any sign of disrespect. Well, he knows better since he’s older. He was just pissed off the entire time and that pissed me off too. You know when one person’s annoyance gets to you, yeah, that’s what happened.

One thing that really pissed me the fairies off was when Seo In Chang decided to remove two songs each that they wanted which Chul Goo complained about at first. He wanted to pick a beat that they both did not want and Chul Goo stated that it didn’t go with any of the raps he prepared and In Chang stated that the point was to choose something unfamiliar to them. What?

At the end, Chul Goo decided to pick a beat In Chang wanted but In Chang was not having it saying that if something went wrong, he would be blamed. Like WTF? Really? He was behaving like a five year old and when Chul Goo told him that wasn’t what he was trying to do, he responded with a ‘I’d like it if you spoke to me with caution’  He was also tiring when the judges where rating him because his lyrics weren’t delivered well (what is stattaco?) and he asked if their earphones were on well. They were. I think he was trying to rap about what hip hop has become or something like that but it didn’t relay well. Basically, Chul Goo was just pissed off that P-Type got eliminated and In Chang passed. Reminds me of a certain someone. Vernon. Anyway, he was eliminated.

Black Nut vs. Ahn Soomin

Honestly, he was on my top list. I couldn’t wait for his turn and he proved to be the complete psychopath that I knew he was. I don’t even know what to say honestly. He kept trying to hit on Soomin and kept failing but he didn’t seem to understand. He was even pouting when he saw her chatting with other guys saying he did everything for her. LOL, What did he do? He just kept cracking me up.

Unfortunately, their performance did not exceed the judges expectations so they had to freestyle as it was a tie. He should have concentrated on rapping instead of flirting with someone who was clearly not interested. On the up side, I still get to see more of him. Although, Black Nut currently has some controversy surrounding him and his lyrics. It was about time people started to notice. Remember his lyrics in my last post? Apparently, he put Yoon Mirae down. More Info, hereit’s written in Hangul. Basically, the article talks about his lyrics and especially the one where it puts women down (what is it with this show and women?) and rape. It also points out to his song, Yearbook, which openly talks about murdering a friend and raping his girlfriend then goes about talking about Yoon Mirae in a sexual way. WTF? Don’t you think this is worse than Song Minho’s case? Because I do. We will get to that because I have something to say. ^_^

Anywhoo, the judges didn’t like the performance and told Black Nut to practice more. Not a surprise as he kept asking for her number during the performance. Should have practiced more instead of making a fool of himself. He’s one of the top reasons this show is increasing in views and becoming too mainstream.

Microdot vs. BewhY

I really loved this performance and their team spirit was on point the whole time even others were complaining that they were being noisy. Their performance also rocked but sadly a winner had to be picked. I couldn’t choose one because they were that good and the judges were also having a hard time picking but Microdot took the hat and went onto the next round. Well deserved!

AndUp vs. Vernon

I waited a whole week for this performance because I was pissed off at Verbal Jint & Co. for passing him when so many talented rappers were eliminated. And obviously AndUp picked Vernon, scripted or not, I was interested. Surprisingly, Vernon really brushed up on his rapping skills and I was impressed although he was everyone else’s target.

AndUp kept belittling him saying no matter what track he picked, it was useless because he was going to fail anyway. I get that you’re pissed but…limits, bruh. Throughout their teamwork, AndUp kept disregarding Vernon instead of practicing and the performance became a waste of time to watch according to San E – first time we agree on something boo. AndUp barely passed the battle. Lesson of the day: Stop Judging!

Jooheon vs. Lee Hyun Joon

I thought Jooheon was obviously going to the next round but it seems I was wrong. He chose his partner based on the fact that he didn’t like the way he wore his cap even though it was exactly the way he wore his. He also didn’t like the chain Hyun was wearing because it was fading and he didn’t know if it was real or fake and that he also looked like Jay-Z (don’t know why that’s annoying) and he also looked arrogant too.

Well, he lost and was eliminated leaving not only me shocked but him also. Lesson of the day: Stop Judging!

Hanae vs. One

We can’t leave out Korean anything without a bit of bromance. It just wouldn’t be right. They had the best chemistry and I enjoyed every bit of it till the last moment. And lol, that song they kept looping.

It was a very good performance but unfortunately only one man gets to stand at the end and it was Hanae.

Woo Taewoo vs. Lee Donghoon

Lol, Taewoo’s performance was a funny one with all his Kanye moves and all. He did win but Tablo told him to practice more resulting to him thinking that Tablo must hate him because he keeps making comments. Maybe he does, maybe he doesn’t. And points for how nervous Zico is anytime his brother starts to rap. I do think he needs more practice though because the only thing I could feel were his dance moves. Good thing Snoop’s going to judge the next round, Taewoon might be able to go through with just is dancing skills alone. But lmao, the look on Tablo’s face when he started dancing. 😀

Basick vs. Lil Boi

The judges went nuts when they found out these two were going against each other. Like why? I was pissed too because one of them will obviously have to be eliminated but I didn’t want them to go like this. Gosh darn! I didn’t want anyone to be eliminated just yet. 😦

I mean there was a blonde guy who kept looking at his phone as he rapped. That made me fall off my bed, like really. He was mumbling his lyrics while his partner was there standing awkwardly which was also funny AF and then he goes …f*ck this shit..bla bla. C’mon and Lil Boi had to go? Who directs this show? Honestly, that had to be the funniest performance ever. The judges’ comments are as follows:

Zico: I thought you were taking a selfie

Tablo: Since you’ve f*cked up anyways, let me at least take a picture.

And Lil Boi was eliminated. Show Me the Money, everyone!

Mino vs Kim Yongsoo

OK, I have to say something about this scandal. First of all, he was wrong. I am not siding anyone in this matter. What’s wrong is wrong no matter who did it. Mino was wrong BUT should it really go to this extent of acting like he committed a national crime? People threatening to sue him and YG. Yes, it’s a very personal topic for women, I am one too and Mino should have known better but the way this thing blew, whoa! I mean there are more pressing issues in Korea like the Lee Jung Hee case that newspaper companies keep taking off their site. Everyone demanded he apologised which he had to and he did but now he did it too late. Really?

Back to the show, as usual Mino killed it with his superb stage performance and I liked that he picked a partner who got an all pass because he viewed him as a threat.

That’s all folks! I just have to share this comment I saw someone make describing Verbal Jint.

I have never agreed more with a comment especially the stressed out art student.

This show needs a reality check because I don’t know what the hell is happening. There’s just a lot of rubbish from editing like a mania to psychotic contestants to contestants who need so be taught the true meaning of hip-hop (inc. Jay Park + Zico) to rapping complete shit and putting down certain groups of people to car accidents. Damn! It’s like most of the contestants have their own ideas of hip-hop. They basically copied what they saw on TV mostly without understanding and displayed it. That’s a high level of ignorance right there.

I’m out!

picture and video credit goes to the respective owners.

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