Exceptional Rapping & Ranting (Spoiler Alert)

For those who have seen episode 2 of Show Me the Money 4, I’m pretty sure most of you would have favourites. From my previous post, I started having a problem with idols outshining others and I guess I wasn’t the only one BUT when Mino came ot to rap, I just couldn’t sit still. I didn’t expect anything less though but his lyrics and the beat were so in tune with each other that I had to say to myself that ‘one has to be born with that talent to do what he just did.’ In case you missed that performance, here you go. And lol at Jay who’s holding a grudge when Mino didn’t want to be in his team and failed him because he pulled out an imaginary sword. OK.   <– Me after Mino’s rap. Let’s not forget Black Nut, I was looking forward to watching Black Nut and I was happy I did because he did not disappoint and was hilarious. I liked how he dissed all the judges and apparently he went too far with San E because Paloalto was also involved then Gray from AOMG basically he made almost everyone in the room uncomfortable but that’s rap baby. He basically stepped on the elephant in the room. Honestly, I enjoyed his lyrics and his confidence and how he ended it with, ‘Song Mino is going to win anyway.’ . He then cheered on the judges to scream Mino’s name. I see him becoming a fan favourite. I’ve already seen comments like, ‘Black Nut is iconic’. Oh, and he also wore his red undies. On a side note, I found a track he made about Beenzino wanting his fans, cars, money, basically just wanting everything that belongs to him even his armpit hair and nipples even the mole under his eyes. LOL, who is this guy? He’s basically a sasaeng. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is. Beenzino better gear up his security. This is it here if you want to humour yourself.    lol, he’s such a nerd. There’s also the high school student Yang Hong Won who no one had any sort of expectation for. Probably because all the students before him failed. But when he started rapping, it was like the whole room became bright, all the judges sat up even the contestants in the waiting room were in awe and guess what…he’s been rapping for only one year. If that’s not talent, I don’t know what is. I was also looking forward to Jooheon from Monsta X, I started to take notice from him after his performance with #GUN and he’s good, like really good. So obviously I anticipated his rapping in SMTM4 and again, I was not disappointed. Although, I remember Tablo saying he would fail anyone who said the show’s name and my heart skipped a beat when Jooheon said it but Tablo passed him. That’s how good he was. I love listening to rap that makes me move my whole body especially when that beat drops. Imagine driving and listening to Mino on mad speakers. You can listen to his performance here. I loved when he ‘grr’ at one point during the rap. Sexy. One of the contestants AndUp showed his dissatisfaction towards idols getting more screen time which is what I mentioned in the previous post. The show shouldn’t be biased towards idols because it will make other contestants angry and idols will get unnecessary hate. I saw how in the waiting room, some idols had the camera on their face throughout. Now, this talk of AndUp has gotten to one of my main concerns of this show. Vernon. How did Vernon pass that stage and what is wrong with San E? Ok, and Verbal Jint, I couldn’t hide my love-hate for San E. But seriously, how is it that the rookie actor failed and Vernon passed? I don’t get it. For a whole five minutes, I was in deep thought. I would understand if Vernon had a huge fan base and they wanted to pass him for fear of being burnt down but the kid hasn’t even debuted yet. Is San E attracted to him? He’s still underage so nothing can happen. I had so many other thoughts and I still couldn’t understand. I heard someone say they were in the same building once upon a time. I don’t know the validity of that statement but even if that were true, it was obvious his rap was bad so to any person with eyes, it looked like he was given a partial treatment and that is why AndUp said what he said. The other judges were confused as well and I really want to know what VJ and San E were thinking because San E was obviously bobbing his head to his rapping. I wasn’t the only confused person in the room. Even Sam Hammington thought his mother was on the same level of rapping. Lol, I thought that was a bit too much. And I think he pissed a lot of people off when he said he came to the show just for fun and to promote his group.I think he did even better in the first round. Well, those people want to rap against him in the rap battle. And from the preview, we see he’s rapping against AndUp. Like we didn’t see that coming. Can literally not wait to see how it goes. One of the critical moments of the show was when P-Type was eliminated. I am not familiar with him but I know he’s someone who makes the judges nervous plus he’s an iconic underground rapper. It was sad when he was eliminated but the way it was done, gosh, you would think someone died. Sad times. I heard spoilers for the top 16 are out but I’d prefer to be surprised although I can already guess who they’ll be. Anyway, there were other good rappers who were qualified and weren’t mentioned here.And aww, Zico’s brother rapped and when Tablo failed him, his face 😦 but luckily, he passed. Rather than a recap, this post was just to point out some events and ranting about them. Also, I would like to give an award to Verbal Jint for the most ‘poker face’ expressions ever. I never know what is going on in his mind. Does he like it? Does he not like it? What do you want? There’s a lot where that came from. So, who are you rooting for? photo credits go to the original owner.

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  1. ya mama says:

    blacknut is better than beenzino


    1. Love says:

      I don’t think I mentioned that Beenzino was better anywhere in the post if that’s what you’re implying.


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