(Spoiler Alert) Show Me The Money 4 Judges and Whatnots

The fourth season in the series have begun and it starts out with a new set of judges, well, some of them are new. Some of the judges have received criticism, both good and bad from viewers. Hopefully, this new season will be better than its predecessor and contestants will be picked and judged well based on talent and nothing else. And also, please Mnet, don’t edit with sole purpose of making people look bad because we all know how last season went. Yes, everyone likes drama but if it’s fake, what’s the point?

OK, let’s look at the judges for this new season which gained more popularity than the first season due to it’s highly respected judges.

Jinusean and Tablo – Team YG

We have a team of YG artists who will participate as a team of producers in the TV show. For those who watched the last season, you’d know that Tablo was also a producer teamed with Masta Wu and in the same team as BI. For this season, some people complained about Jinusean being judges with most of the comments being that ‘they were not rappers’. I understand what they mean if they’re using the concept of rapping as base for judging because Jinusean don’t really rap, they sometimes rap but it’s not the type of rap that is trending but it’s still rap nonetheless. Their music seems to have a feel of the 90’s rap scene which apparently most viewers don’t think is what Show Me the Money wants. Well, their recent single Tell Me One More Time is just as catchy and dare I say better than most K-Pop songs released this year.

If anyone is worried about the rapping in that team, there’s Tablo on that team so relax. We all know the epicness that Tablo is so we’re ready for the future hits. Talking about Tablo and his epicness, Epic High’s recent album Shoebox was just as epic as their name and did not disappoint. I enjoyed every track from Encore to Shoebox especially Spoiler, Shoebox and Born Hater, those were hits. It’s funny how people though Sean would hand out chains easily because he’s a donation angel but the look on their faces when he doesn’t even wait for a contestant to finish rapping before he breezes past them. I guess he only donates for charity then. I’m really looking forward to watching this gold team.

San E and Verbal Jint– Team Brand New Music

Before I get to ranting about San E, I have to tell you how happy I am to see Verbal Jint and his fourth dimensional self. When I saw that he was in the lineup, I almost sent flowers to Mnet. Aside the fact that Verbal Jint is exceptional in what he does which is singing and producing, I just can’t get over his adorable self which takes time for people to grasp. Is he normal? You find yourself asking yourself that when you start getting to know him if you already haven’t. I’m pretty sure his fans will understand what I mean. Although when it comes to music, he puts his all into it. Look forward to his unique judging.

Alright, OK, I think I need all the room I can get to jump around while ranting. SAN E is everywhere! A new show comes out, San E. Reality shows, San E. Music shows, San E. Survival shows, San E. I don’t have a problem with him at all. He’s a cool person sometimes but I don’t know if it’s just the shows I watch but I’m starting to see San E even when I close my eyes. He has that…um, what do I call it? He’s always excited, very excited to the point that if he’s on a show, you will know and you’ll get tired of him after a while. Again, I don’t have a problem with him being in shows because I love him. I think ‘love’ is a strong term, I like him. It’s like having that one friend that gets easily excited over stuff and laughs loud sometimes and wants to do stuff, you know what I mean. That doesn’t mean you hate that friend, it’s just when he/she wants to come over, you’re suddenly not in.

He’s on the same team with Verbal Jint who is the direct opposite of him. You can live with Verbal Jint and not know if he’s alive or dead but you can leave with San E and know if he’s alive or dead even when you’re not curious at all. If you were wondering if he was in the previous season, then yes. He was grouped up with Swings and they did pretty good last season especially with Vasco on their team. Swings kind of brightened up aspects of that show, too bad he’s in the barracks now. He was all smiles though when I saw him last episode. He will be missed.

And really, I wanted Beenzino on the show. Oh, my sad heart. He could have taken San E’s place though, wouldn’t have minded. Now, that’s someone I want to be seeing more of. I watched his oh so sexy performance of Rockin’ with the best with The Quiett and Dok2 and I guess we won’t be seeing any of that this season. T_T

Loco and Jay Park – Team AOMG

I’m looking forward to this team as they are fresh to the series and have already started making cheeky remarks which will help Mnet and their editing skills. I love that Loco is there which is something I did not see coming at all as I also get to see his baby face. He seems to have a shy personality though. Jay Park is the CEO of his record label, AOMG so I hope they find good talent to add to their label of hotties.

Most of Jay’s music seems to have more of an RnB feel to it than hip-hop so I’ll be looking forward to watching collaborations and they’re hoping the viewers fall into their charms. I’ve already.

Zico and Paloalto – Team Hulk

Most viewers were complaining about Zico being a judge due to the fact that he’s an idol. I understand that but Zico’s not just any idol, he produces for Block B and they’ve turned out to be good. He was pretty hurt that it was because he was an idol and decided to ‘show them’ what he has. As for Paloalto, I’m not really familiar with him but there’s one thing I know about him now. He’s apparently the ‘most hated’ judge on the show for now as he’s cold when judging.

The pairing does cause some kind of confusion though. As Tablo stated, “It’s a combination that doesn’t paint any kind of picture.” There you have it. And also, I remember one of the contestants pulling his pants and hitting the paper off Zico saying he had no right to judge him. It was funny and he earned a chain for that. Black Nut, keep that name in mind because I think there may be more likely events in the future.

  Yes, him! That’s black nuts.

So, there were a few idols who came to participate and a very tiny bit of me dislikes that very much. If an idol had to participate then they should be close to unknown. I feel like idols get far because they are idols mostly before talent. They always say they’re doing this without the idol tag but the viewers still see that tag. It’s like someone from EXO, let’s say Sehun contesting and saying he’s removing the idol or EXO tag. He’s either going to win or be a runner-up. That’s entertainment, baby.

Yes, Mino is a rap god and Ravi raps well so they are fit for the show but sometimes I feel they outshine the rest and it’s hard for others. The show should allow unknown or fairly known musicians to show their talent but I guess we need viewers.

Let’s hope so San E, let’s hope so.

P.S. In case you missed, apparently there’s a DiCaprio in town.

Picture credits go to the original owner.

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