Mask – Thoughts So Far. Part 1

This is my first review for Mask and will discuss the last 10 episodes. Wow, ten episodes! It feels like I just started watching this drama yesterday. I am really enjoying this shows, like really. I always get excited for TV shows when I see and like the cast and the plot looks amazing BUT 8 out of ten times, after four or five episodes in, I start to wonder…who the hell is the writer? I get bored and I just stop watching or I’m not really eager for the next episode as I used to be and just watch them anytime. But not Mask, no, not Mask. This is a show.

When I heard Ji Hoon and Soo Ae will be in the same drama, I was so excited because of the obvious, they are really good actors – the kind of actors that make you forget that the drama you’re watching is not actually real life. They get so into their acting. I remember when I watched Queen of Ambitions, my goodness was I frustrated to the core. After every episode, I always felt like destroying something or someone. Soo Ae was such a good actor that I almost boarded a plane to Korea to help put her down. Ah, hard times.

On the other hand, Goong was the first Korean drama I watched and it was really interesting. I think if Goong was bad, I probably wouldn’t have gotten so into watching Korean dramas at all but that’s a big probability because then I would have missed out on so many fine boys. But luckily for me, it turned out to be an awesome drama series.

Back to the topic at hand, let’s not drift away. Oh, I almost forgot about Jung Hoon, our lovely antagonist that I really should hate but don’t. Who remembers Vampire Prosecutor, I do. It’s unfortunate that it wasn’t continued because I loved the show but yeah, back to Mask. We’ve seen how Ji Sook became Eun Ha via our lovely Suk Hoon who just doesn’t know when to quit.

Rewinding back to when Eun Ha was alive, we saw that her relationship with Min Woo was strictly business and they has no feelings whatsoever for each other, in other words, he did his thing while she did her thing, no one gave a damn as long as no one’s reputation was hurt. Although, Eun Ha’s thing seemed to be Suk Hoon who is a married man. A secret affair. Min Woo on the other hand had…shall I say issues or rather has issues. He hallucinates which messes with his brain making him think or believe he has done things which he didn’t do. I think by now we should know that there are people behind his hallucinations. I mean, what kind of therapy makes someone’s illness worse? His doctor is just a frustrating human being, I get they are paying him and all but c’mon.

At first glance, I disliked Suk Hoon’s wife Mi Yun because first of all she gives off an annoying vibe and I thought she was in on the plan to destroy her brother but slowly I started to realise she had bigger issues than that, i.e., her marriage. One thing that surprised me was the scene where Eun Ha’s dead body was under the bed and Suk Hoon was trying to get rid of it secretly. I mean, I thought you loved her dude. That was a bit scary hiding her there when her own parents were there. Goosebumps. After that I knew he was going to be a hardcore bastard. And this guy, ugh, this dude needs to die. If you look closely, in my opinion he’s basically the worst. He’s like a robot with no heart. His role is seen as a small role when in fact it’s actually a damn main role. I get he’s just following orders but there should be a limit, right? He’s been involved in almost every main incident in the drama. From hiding and disposing Eun-Ha’s body to watching Ji Sook’s every move and notifying Suk Hoon.

A more annoying character is Min Woo’s step-mother. She’s spikes his water with an unknown drug – obviously a bad drug which causes Min Woo to hallucinate. She then acts like she cares and wants what’s best for him. Like, screw you old lady! The doctor or psychiatrist is working with the stepmother to bring Min Woo down. I like how the father in most times thinks for himself and avoids letting what she thinks get to him. She’s basically just pure evil. Wicked Witch of the East!

On a brighter note, Min Woo is slowly falling for Ji Sook and it’s just adorable. I remember the scene he called his assistant just to tell him to let Eun-ha know that he doesn’t love her which was just random and sweet. Also when they were picking a bed and he didn’t like anyone even when they were perfectly fine. Aww. I don’t know if it’s just me but I find it weird how they’re all living in the same house like Ji Sook is just stuck to one part of the house, i.e., her and Min Woo’s bedroom. As if it’s not bad enough his brother-in-law and stepmother want to put him in the mad house. What if Eun Ha didn’t die and got married to Min Woo, it means Suk Hoon and her would have continued whatever they were doing under the same roof as their spouses. Talk about scandal.

At the moment, I don’t know where I stand on Min Woo’s feelings for Ji Sook. I know he likes her on some twisted level as she resembles his last love and I also know that he loves his wife on some level but not as much as she does. She seems to be doing all the work especially now that we know she knows about her husband and Eun Ha and now Ji Sook has to suffer her wrath. Poor girl. I don’t know why but I want Suk Hoon to show his attraction for Ji Sook, I’m sorry but I also have issues. I like Makjang.

Before I close this chapter, I’d like to say Hoya’s character is a bit frustrating. After finding out his sister was Eun Ha, you would think he would collect the money and help his family but he keeps being strong-headed. I know that yeah it’s a bit weird to act as a dead person and all but at a critical point when they needed the money, he still refused it. Ugh. Recently, I guess he’s come back to his senses. Lastly, Ji Sook just needs to stop showing up near her home, she’s causing a lot of problems especially with her mother. I get she misses them and all but if she gets caught, then what? You think her parents would be okay with her taking the place of a dead person and not to talk of what Suk Hoon and his sadistic self would do to her.

To avoid turning this into a novel, I’ll stop here for now. See ya!

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photo credits (image 1): dramabeans

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