Best of the Best – Jan/Feb ’15 Edition

We’ll start off with a list of popular dramas started or ended the first part of the year. Actually, I was going to list popular dramas of the year but I thought it might be to long so I decided to go with competing shows. That’s okay, right? Plus, I’d have more to blog about. 🙂

2014-Dec-08 to 2015-Feb-10

Monday/Tuesday – 21:55 – KBS2

The thing is I have about 3 or 4 episodes left but I can tell you that this drama is EPIC! Like I cannot explain how good the characters and acting are especially the romantic bits, ah Bong Soo-ah. I actually prefer his geeky self, it’s cute.

The ratings were okay, 9.2% on average although I would have prefered higher but ‘you watch what you want’. It was competing with shows like Kill Me, Heal Me, Punch, Hyde, Jekyll, Me, Pride & Prejudice and Shine or Go Crazy. Honestly, I still think Healer’s the best out of those dramas.

On a bigger note, it won about 3 KBS awards for Best couple, Most Popular Actor and Excellence award.


2014-Dec-15 to 2015-Feb-17

Monday/Tuesday – 21:55 – SBS

All I can say is that this drama was made well. For this to recieve the best review it can get, you’d need to know a lot about crime investigation and all. This genre of drama may not cater to a lot of people but to those who enjoy crime, thriller and corruption in one drama, this is for you.

The male leads were everything but just. Going to the ends of earth to get what they want without a care in the world or whoever they step on. They were more like the antagonists in the drama.

The acting was strong in this one. Imagine watching a drama and almost throwing your TV out of the window because one of the characters is just a dick. Or during those heartbreaking scenes between Jung Hwan and his mom or his daughter where you have no other option but to cry and ruin your face because no one looks good crying. That’s just how good the acting was.

Without going into so much detail, this drama was jjang. Actors did what they were supposed to do and left the screen. On average the rating was 12.3% which isn’t bad. Its highest rating recorded was 15.2% which is awesome considering good dramas these days are on the 11-14% ranges.

With no doubt, it won the best screenplay at the 2015 51st Baeksang Arts Awards and also Grand Prize and Best TV star at the 2015 Gwangju International Film Festival – Drama Awards. Well deserved.


OK, I only watched the first two episodes of this drama so I’m in no position to judge on its quality. I did hear from the rumour mills that towards the ending, the drama went cuckoo…plot changes and what not. If you did watch it, I’d like to know your position on it.

It’s average rating was 13.5% which is not bad and recording 16.7% as its highest rating. So, the drama was apparently good. Too bad I didn’t watch…or is it?

So, there we have it. I would have added Pride and Prejudice but it only competed with its last 2 episodes so there’s no point.

Which drama did you like best out of the three? For me, although it was a very hard decision between Healer and Punch, I think I prefer Healer by only an inch. I think that Bong Soo won over a spot in my heart.

I’m sorry one more…>.<

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